Fighting against Rainbow Colormaps everywhere!

Scientists co-opt our visual system to convey numerical data in a format that's easily understandable using spatial and color variation to capture details of the underlying data. A “colormap” transforms the set of numbers into a pattern of plotted colors.

When done poorly, this transformation introduces well-established visual artifacts and obscures the underlying detail. Furthermore, certain colormaps create images that are inaccessible to readers with anomalous color vision (i.e. colorblindness).

Unfortunately, widely-used rainbow colormaps, like "jet", face these issues but are pervasive in the scientific literature. Jetfighter aims to prevent this by detecting problematic colormaps in publicly available pre-print manuscripts and then contacting the authors, if necessary.

Explore recently screened manuscripts here, and check out a companion website that provides a solution for published figures,, as well!

View Results Title Date Posted Paper Link Parse Status Authors notified?
Single cell and single nucleus RNA-Seq reveal cellular heterogeneity and homeostatic regulatory networks in adult mouse stria vascularis 2019-09-04 Not yet
Genomics reveals the origins of ancient specimens 2019-09-04 Not yet
Elongations of epithelial colony in vitro: symmetry breaking through collective effects 2019-09-04 Not yet
Single-cell transcriptomics identifies an effectorness gradient shaping the response of CD4+ T cells to cytokines 2019-09-04 Not yet
Spontaneous oligomerization of BAK/BAX is suppressed by hetero-dimerization with MCL-1 2019-09-04 Not yet
Proteomic analysis of the desmosome identifies novel components required for skin integrity 2019-09-04 Not yet
Transcriptomic Profiling of Developing Melanocortin Neurons Reveals a Role for Prdm12 in Energy Balance 2019-09-03 Not yet
Type-specific dendritic integration in mouse retinal ganglion cells 2019-09-03 Not yet
Loss of a novel striated muscle-enriched mitochondrial protein Coq10a enhances postnatal cardiac hypertrophic growth 2019-09-03 Not yet
In vitro and in vivo roles of glucocorticoid and vitamin D receptors in the control of cardiomyocyte proliferative potential 2019-09-03 Not yet
Reactivation of chromosome signalling induces reversal of the meiotic program 2019-09-03 Not yet
Experimental Evidence for Constraints in Amplitude-Timescale Co-variation of a Biomolecular Pulse Generating Circuit Design 2019-09-03 Not yet
A lipid code-dependent phosphoswitch directs PIN-mediated auxin efflux in Arabidopsis development 2019-09-03 Not yet
Integrative model to coordinate the oligomerization and aggregation mechanisms of CCL5 2019-09-03 Not yet
Microbiome-wide characterization of post-translational modifications 2019-09-03 Not yet
Nucleosome positioning sequence patterns as packing or regulatory 2019-09-02 Not yet
Studying cellular functions in bipolar disorder: Are there specific predictors of lithium response? 2019-09-02 Not yet
Age-related differences in white matter: Comparing fixel based and tensor based analyses 2019-09-02 Not yet
GDNF/RET signaling pathway activation eliminates Lewy Body pathology in midbrain dopamine neurons 2019-09-02 Not yet
DLC1 is a direct target of activated YAP/TAZ that drives collective migration and sprouting angiogenesis 2019-09-02 Not yet
Single cell transcriptomics identifies a unique adipocyte population that regulates bone marrow environment 2019-09-02 Not yet
Mathematical model shows how sleep may affect amyloid β fibrillization 2019-09-01 Not yet
Real brains in virtual worlds: Validating a novel oddball paradigm in virtual reality 2019-09-01 Not yet
Time-Resolved Correspondences Between Deep Neural Network Layers and EEG Measurements in Object Processing 2019-09-01 Not yet
A metabolic network-based approach for developing feeding strategies for CHO cells to increase monoclonal antibody production 2019-09-01 Not yet
Nutritional signals rapidly activate oligodendrocyte differentiation in the adult hypothalamic median eminence 2019-09-01 Not yet
Sympatric wren-warblers partition acoustic signal space and song perch height 2019-09-01 Not yet
Psilocybin exerts distinct effects on resting state networks associated with serotonin and dopamine in mice 2019-09-01 Not yet
Simultaneously vocalizing Asian barbets adopt different frequencies without coordinating temporal rhythms 2019-09-01 Not yet
The versican-hyaluronan complex provides an essential extracellular matrix niche for Flk1+ precursors in vasculogenesis and primitive hematopoiesis 2019-08-31 Not yet
Derivation of endometrial gland organoids from term post-partum placenta 2019-08-31 Not yet
Imp/IGF2BP levels modulate individual neural stem cell growth and division through myc mRNA stability 2019-08-31 Not yet
EXP1 is required for organization of the intraerythrocytic malaria parasite vacuole 2019-08-31 Not yet
A comparative genomic analysis of the barley pathogen Pyrenophora teres f. teres identifies sub-telomeric regions as drivers of virulence 2019-08-31 Not yet
EDEM3 modulates plasma triglyceride level through its regulation of LRP1 expression 2019-08-31 Not yet
High-resolution 3D imaging and topological mapping of the lymph node conduit system 2019-08-30 Not yet
Topological Data Analysis reveals robust alterations in the whole-brain and frontal lobe functional connectomes in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 2019-08-30 Not yet
Rod nuclear architecture determines contrast transmission of the retina and behavioral sensitivity in mice 2019-08-30 Not yet
Primary cilia deficiency in neural crest cells causes Anterior Segment Dysgenesis 2019-08-30 Not yet
Trehalose 6-phosphate Controls Seed Filling by Inducing Auxin Biosynthesis 2019-08-30 Not yet
Experimental and modeling study of the formation of cell aggregates with differential substrate adhesion 2019-08-29 Not yet
Ca2+ signaling in astrocytes is sleep-wake state specific and modulates sleep 2019-08-29 Not yet
Prognostics for pain in osteoarthritis: Do clinical measures predict pain after total joint replacement? 2019-08-29 Not yet
HOPS recognizes each SNARE, assembling ternary trans-complexes for sudden fusion upon engagement with the 4th SNARE 2019-08-29 Not yet
Single-cell tracing of the first hematopoietic stem cell generation in human embryos 2019-08-29 Not yet
Rac1 is a downstream effector of PKCα in structural synaptic plasticity 2019-08-29 Not yet
Quantifying the cost of cognitive stability and flexibility 2019-08-29 Not yet
Non-junctional Cadherin3 regulates cell migration and contact inhibition of locomotion via domain-dependent opposing regulations of Rac1. 2019-08-29 Not yet
Tertiary lymphoid tissue develops during normal aging in mice and humans 2019-08-29 Not yet
Reducing module size bias of participation coefficient 2019-08-29 Not yet
Accelerating Inflammation Resolution to Counteract Chemical Cutaneous Injury 2019-08-29 Not yet
Reassessing the validity of slow-wave dynamics as a proxy for NREM sleep homeostasis 2019-08-29 Not yet
Motif elucidation in ChIP-seq datasets with a knockout control 2019-08-28 Not yet
The global phylogenetic landscape and nosocomial spread of the multidrug-resistant opportunist Stenotrophomonas maltophilia 2019-08-28 Not yet
Dysbiosis personalizes fitness effect of antibiotic resistance in the mammalian gut 2019-08-28 Not yet
Computational approaches for parametric imaging of dynamic PET data 2019-08-28 Not yet
The tooth on-a-chip: a microphysiologic model system mimicking the pulp-dentin interface and its interaction with biomaterials 2019-08-28 Not yet
A novel methodology for defining stromal expression of atypical chemokine receptors in vivo 2019-08-28 Not yet
Improved motion correction of submillimetre 7T fMRI time series with boundary-based registration (BBR) 2019-08-28 Not yet
Place cell map genesis via competitive learning and conjunctive coding in the dentate gyrus 2019-08-28 Not yet
Plasma membrane damage causes NLRP3 activation and pyroptosis during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection 2019-08-28 Not yet
Neuron-glia interaction through Serotonin-BDNF-NGFR axis enables regenerative neurogenesis in Alzheimer's model of adult zebrafish brain 2019-08-28 Not yet
RAD-Behavior (Recombining Atomized, Discretized, Behavior): A new framework for the quantitative analysis of behavioral execution 2019-08-28 Not yet
The CDK Pef1 and Protein Phosphatase 4 oppose each other for regulating cohesin binding to fission yeast chromosomes 2019-08-28 Not yet
Systematic identification of factors bound to isolated metaphase ESC chromosomes reveals a role for chromatin repressors in compaction 2019-08-28 Not yet
Spatial Patterns for Discriminative Estimation (SPADE) 2019-08-28 Not yet
Mosaic heterochrony in neural progenitors sustains accelerated brain growth and neurogenesis in the juvenile killifish N. furzeri 2019-08-28 Not yet
Structure of LetB reveals a tunnel for lipid transport across the bacterial envelope 2019-08-28 Not yet
Proliferative behavior of hematopoietic stem cells revisited: No evidence for mitotic memory 2019-08-28 Not yet
Telomere Dysfunction Drives Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Pathology 2019-08-28 Not yet
Hyperactive MEK1 signaling in cortical GABAergic interneurons causes embryonic parvalbumin-neuron death and deficits in behavioral inhibition 2019-08-27 Not yet
Interpretation of Phase Boundary Fluctuation Spectra in Biological Membranes with Nanoscale Organization 2019-08-27 Not yet
A time-resolved imaging-based CRISPRi screening method 2019-08-27 Not yet
Hedgehog signaling regulates neurogenesis in the larval and adult zebrafish hypothalamus 2019-08-26 Not yet
The CHORD protein CHP-1 regulates EGF receptor trafficking and signaling in C. elegans and human cells 2019-08-25 Not yet
Characterization of LXR-activating nanoparticle formulations in primary mouse macrophages 2019-08-25 Not yet
Ongoing repair of migration-coupled DNA damage allows stem cells to reach wound sites 2019-08-25 Not yet
Engineering self-homing circulating tumour cells as novel cancer theranostics 2019-08-25 Not yet
Developmental stage-specific distribution of macrophages in mouse mammary gland 2019-08-24 Not yet
Analytical characterization of Parylene-C degradation mechanisms on Utah arrays: evaluation of in vitro Reactive Accelerated Aging model compared to multiyear in vivo implantation 2019-08-24 Not yet
Evolution of resistance in vitro reveals a novel mechanism of artemisinin activity in Toxoplasma gondii. 2019-08-24 Not yet
Long-Term Potentiation Induces Extrasynaptic Exocytosis of Glun2A-containing NMDA Receptors that is Mainly Controlled by SNAP23 2019-08-24 Not yet
Introns Control Intrinsic Noise 2019-08-24 Not yet
Coordinated cellular neighborhoods orchestrate antitumoral immunity at the colorectal cancer invasive front 2019-08-24 Not yet
Galactose-modified duocarmycin prodrugs as senolytics 2019-08-24 Not yet
Natural variation in the Arabidopsis AGO2 gene is associated with susceptibility to potato virus X 2019-08-24 Not yet
PAG neurons encode a simplified action-selective signal during aggression 2019-08-24 Not yet
Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Based Rapid Point-of-Care Assessment of Core Needle Cancer Biopsies 2019-08-24 Not yet
The Neural Basis of Predictive Pursuit 2019-08-24 Not yet
Improved Modeling of Peptide-Protein Binding through Global Docking and Accelerated Molecular Dynamics Simulations 2019-08-24 Not yet
Winner(s)-take-all: nonlinear amplification of DNA-encoded library 2019-08-24 Not yet
Longitudinal bioluminescent imaging of HIV-1 infection during antiretroviral therapy and treatment interruption in humanized mice 2019-08-24 Not yet
Cytokinin fluoroprobe and receptor CRE1/AHK4 localize to both plasma membrane and endoplasmic reticulum 2019-08-24 Not yet
CellGPS: Whole-body tracking of single cells by positron emission tomography 2019-08-24 Not yet
Pathogenic impact of isoform switches in 1209 cancer samples covering 27 cancer types using an isoform-specific interaction network 2019-08-24 Not yet
Spectral and lifetime fluorescence unmixing via deep learning 2019-08-24 Not yet
Cross-talks of glycosylphosphatidylinositol biosynthesis with glycosphingolipid biosynthesis and ER-associated degradation 2019-08-24 Not yet
Bone-targeted lncRNA OGRU alleviates unloading-induced bone loss via miR-320-3p/Hoxa10 axis 2019-08-23 Not yet
Traction forces control cell-edge dynamics and mediate distance-sensitivity during cell polarization 2019-08-23 Not yet
A single cell transcriptome atlas of the developing zebrafish hindbrain 2019-08-23 Not yet
Trueness of digital intraoral impression in reproducing multiple implant position 2019-08-22 Not yet
Crumbs 2 mediates ventricular layer remodelling to form the adult spinal cord central canal 2019-08-22 Not yet
Differentiation of Human Colon Tissue In Culture: Effects of calcium on trans-epithelial electrical resistance and tissue cohesive properties 2019-08-22 Not yet
Photocontrol of endogenous glycine receptors in vivo 2019-08-22 Not yet
Single-cell molecular and cellular architecture of neurohypophyseal cell types in the adult mouse 2019-08-22 Not yet
89Zr-oxine labelling and PET imaging shows lung delivery of a cell/gene cancer therapy 2019-08-22 Not yet
The domain-general multiple demand (MD) network does not support core aspects of language comprehension: a large-scale fMRI investigation 2019-08-22 Not yet
NRP2 as an emerging angiogenic player; promoting endothelial cell adhesion and migration by regulating recycling of α5 integrin. 2019-08-22 Not yet
Population genomics of Vibrionaceae isolated from an endangered oasis reveals local adaptation after an environmental perturbation. 2019-08-22 Not yet
Low Affinity Binding Sites in an Activating CRM Mediate Negative Autoregulation of the Drosophila Hox Gene Ultrabithorax 2019-08-22 Not yet
MCL-1 inhibition by selective BH3 mimetics disrupts mitochondrial dynamics in iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes 2019-08-22 Not yet
Reorganization and reactivation of a preexisting taste-responsive hippocampal network 2019-08-22 Not yet
Multiple protein-DNA interfaces unravelled by evolutionary information, physico-chemical and geometrical properties 2019-08-22 Not yet
Sirt3 mediated by lentiviral vectors in the periaqueductal gray suppresses morphine withdrawal in rats: A preliminary study 2019-08-22 Not yet
A novel fully-human potency-matched dual cytokine-antibody fusion protein targets carbonic anhydrase IX in renal cell carcinomas 2019-08-22 Not yet
A method for multiscale community detection in brain networks 2019-08-22 Not yet
CoFe granules focus coordinated glycolytic mRNA localization and translation to fuel glucose fermentation 2019-08-22 Not yet
Modulating cellular cytotoxicity and phototoxicity of fluorescent organic salts through counterion pairing 2019-08-22 Not yet
Microhabitat partitioning correlates with opsin geneexpression in coral reef cardinalfishes (Apogonidae) 2019-08-22 Not yet
Experience-dependent structural plasticity at pre- and postsynaptic sites of layer 2/3 cells in developing visual cortex 2019-08-22 Not yet
Human cerebral organoids capture the spatiotemporal complexity and disease dynamics of UBE3A 2019-08-22 Not yet
Regionalized tissue fluidization by an actomyosin cable is required for epithelial gap closure during insect gastrulation 2019-08-22 Not yet
Labeling proteins within Drosophila embryos by combining FRET reporters, position-specific genomic integration, and GAL4-reponsive expression 2019-08-22 Not yet
Metal-Assisted and Microwave-Accelerated Germination 2019-08-22 Not yet
The giant pouched rat (Cricetomys ansorgei) olfactory receptor repertoire 2019-08-21 Not yet
Paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy is caused by epidermal ROS and mitochondrial damage through conserved MMP-13 activation 2019-08-21 Not yet
Prolonged tonic pain in healthy humans disrupts intrinsic brain networks implicated in pain modulation 2019-08-21 Not yet
G-Protein-Coupled Receptor-Membrane Interactions Depend on the Receptor Activation state 2019-08-21 Not yet
Frequency specific network effective connectivity: ERP analysis of recognition memory process by directed connectivity estimators 2019-08-21 Not yet
Phosphoinositide-binding proteins mark, shape and functionally modulate highly-diverged endocytic compartments in the parasitic protist Giardia lamblia 2019-08-21 Not yet
Complex processes of cryptic speciation in mouse lemurs from a micro-endemism hotspot in Madagascar 2019-08-21 Not yet
The evolution of parental effects when selection acts on fecundity versus viability 2019-08-21 Not yet
Partitioning plant spectral diversity into alpha and beta components 2019-08-21 Not yet
ER stress-linked autophagy stabilizes apoptosis effector PERP and triggers its co-localization with SERCA2b at ER-plasma membrane junctions 2019-08-21 Not yet
Optimising network modelling methods for fMRI 2019-08-21 Not yet
The temporal structure of the inner retina at a single glance 2019-08-21 Not yet
In vivo characterisation of endogenous cardiovascular extracellular vesicles in larval and adult zebrafish 2019-08-21 Not yet
First eight residues of apolipoprotein A-I mediate the C-terminus control of helical bundle unfolding and its lipidation 2019-08-20 Not yet
Immunity conferred by drug-cured experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infections is long-lasting and cross-strain protective 2019-08-20 Not yet
GABAA receptors are selectively expressed in NG2 glia of the cerebellar white matter 2019-08-20 Not yet
fMRI detects bilateral brain network activation following unilateral chemogenetic activation of direct striatal projection neurons 2019-08-20 Not yet
Home-cage Monitoring Ascertains Signatures of Ictal and Interictal Behavior In Mouse Models of Generalized Seizures 2019-08-20 Not yet
Wnt11/Fzd7 signaling compartmentalizes AKAP2/PKA to regulate L-type Ca2+ channel 2019-08-20 Not yet
Human Neocortical Neurosolver (HNN): A new software tool for interpreting the cellular and network origin of human MEG/EEG data 2019-08-20 Not yet
Radiation-Induced DNA Damage and Repair Effects on 3D Genome Organization 2019-08-20 Not yet
NbCycB2 represses Nbwo activity via a negative feedback loop in the tobacco trichome developmemt 2019-08-20 Not yet
N400: Event-Related Potentials in an Associative Word Pair Learning Paradigm 2019-08-20 Not yet
Stromal ISLR promotes intestinal regeneration and cancer by suppressing epithelial Hippo signaling 2019-08-20 Not yet
Phototaxis of the dominant marine pico-eukaryote Micromonas sp.: from population to single cell 2019-08-20 Not yet
Effects of Shift-Work on the Carotid Artery and Cerebral Blood Flow of SHR Rats and WKY Rats 2019-08-20 Not yet
Chromatin activation as a unifying principle underlying pathogenic mechanisms in multiple myeloma 2019-08-20 Not yet
Cell explosions: single cell death triggers an avoidance response in local populations of the ecologically prominent phytoplankton genus Micromonas 2019-08-20 Not yet
Cep97 Is Required For Centriole Structural Integrity And Cilia Formation In Drosophila 2019-08-20 Not yet
2.7 A cryo-EM structure of vitrified M. musculus H-chain apoferritin from 200 keV "screening microscope" 2019-08-20 Not yet
Extent of N-terminus exposure by altered long-range interactions of monomeric alpha-synuclein determines its aggregation propensity 2019-08-20 Not yet
Higher-order chromatin organization defines PR and PAX2 binding to regulate endometrial cancer cell gene expression 2019-08-20 Not yet
Structural basis for Rab8a GTPase recruitment of RILPL2 via LRRK2 phosphorylation of switch 2 2019-08-19 Not yet
Regularized-Ncut: Robust and homogeneous functional parcellation of neonate and adult brain networks 2019-08-19 Not yet
Spherical deconvolution with tissue-specific response functions and multi-shell diffusion MRI to estimate multiple fiber orientation distributions (mFODs) 2019-08-19 Not yet
Lossless and Contamination-Free Digital PCR 2019-08-19 Not yet
Automatic Spatial Estimation of White Matter Hyperintensities Evolution in Brain MRI using Disease Evolution Predictor Deep Neural Networks 2019-08-19 Not yet
CRISPR/Cas9 interrogation of the mouse Pcdhg gene cluster reveals a crucial isoform-specific role for Pcdhgc4 2019-08-19 Not yet
Male meiotic spindle features that efficiently segregate paired and lagging chromosomes 2019-08-19 Not yet
Syndecan-4 is required for VE-Cadherin trafficking during pathological angiogenesis 2019-08-19 Not yet
Carbonic anhydrase VII regulates dendritic spine morphology and density via actin filament bundling 2019-08-19 Not yet
Leptin promotes expression of EMT-related transcription factors and invasion in a Src and FAK-dependent pathway in MCF10A mammary epithelial cells 2019-08-18 Not yet
Mitochondrial protein interaction landscape of SS-31 2019-08-18 Not yet
A Transient Intermediate Populated in Prion Folding Leads to Domain Swapping 2019-08-17 Not yet
Head Mesoderm Tissue Growth, Dynamics and Neural Crest Cell Migration 2019-08-16 Not yet
Crystal structure of the TbBILBO1 N-terminal domain reveals a ubiquitin fold with a long rigid loop for the binding of its partner 2019-08-16 Not yet
The basal level of gene expression associated with chromatin loosening shapes Waddington landscapes and controls cell differentiation 2019-08-16 Not yet
KLF4 acts as a tumor suppressor in human B-cells and patients' B-cell leukemias growing in mice 2019-08-16 Not yet
Caffeine boosts preparatory attention for reward-related stimulus information 2019-08-16 Not yet
Release of stem cells from quiescence reveals multiple gliogenic domains in the adult brain 2019-08-16 Not yet
Time-resolved single-cell transcriptomics uncovers dynamics of cardiac neutrophil diversity in murine myocardial infarction 2019-08-16 Not yet
The paltry power of priors versus populations 2019-08-16 Not yet
Comparative analysis reveals adaptive evolution of bat IFITMs and a novel antiviral determinant 2019-08-16 Not yet
Group Similarity Constraint Functional Brain Network Estimation for Mild Congititive Impairment Classification 2019-08-16 Not yet
A Maxent modelling with a geospatial approach for the Habitat suitability of Flamingos in an Evanescing Ramsar site (Sambhar Lake, India) over the changing climatic scenarios 2019-08-15 Not yet
Tandem Requirement for Full Renal D1R and D5R Activity 2019-08-15 Not yet
Catecholaminergic axons in the neocortex of adult mice regrow following brain injury 2019-08-15 Not yet
Cerebellar plasticity and associative memories are controlled by perineuronal nets 2019-08-15 Not yet
Extreme genome selection towards complete antimicrobial resistance in a nosocomial strain of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia complex 2019-08-15 Not yet
Heterogeneous transcriptome response to DNA damage at single cell resolution. 2019-08-15 Not yet
Monosynaptic tracing success depends critically on helper virus concentrations 2019-08-15 Not yet
Resting-state and task-based centrality of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex predict resilience to inhibitory repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation 2019-08-15 Not yet
Pan-active imidazolopiperazine antimalarials target the Plasmodium falciparum intracellular secretory pathway 2019-08-15 Not yet
Ephrin-B1 blocks adult cardiomyocyte proliferation and heart regeneration 2019-08-15 Not yet
Placebo-induced pain reduction is associated with inverse network coupling at rest 2019-08-15 Not yet
Membrane fluidity controls peptidoglycan synthesis and MreB movement. 2019-08-15 Not yet
Probe-Seq enables transcriptional profiling of specific cell types from heterogeneous tissue by RNA-based isolation 2019-08-15 Not yet
ResQ, a release factor-dependent ribosome rescue factor in the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis 2019-08-15 Not yet
Feedback loops involving AMPK, ERK and TFEB in matrix detachment leads to non-genetic heterogeneity 2019-08-15 Not yet
Hexokinase 2 displacement from mitochondria-associated membranes prompts Ca2+-dependent death of cancer cells 2019-08-15 Not yet
Progression from feature-specific brain activity to hippocampal spatial binding during episodic encoding 2019-08-15 Not yet
Acoustic biomolecules enhance hemodynamic functional ultrasound imaging of neural activity 2019-08-15 Not yet
Cholinergic-like neurons carrying PSEN1 E280A mutation from familial Alzheimers disease reveal intraneuronal Abeta42 accumulation, hyperphosphorylation of TAU, oxidative stress, apoptosis and Ca2+ flux dysregulation: Therapeutic implications 2019-08-14 Not yet
Superior Colliculus to VTA pathway controls orienting behavior during conspecific interaction. 2019-08-14 Not yet
Properties of decision-making tasks govern the tradeoff between model-based and model-free learning 2019-08-14 Not yet
Directed robust generation of functional retinal ganglion cells from Muller glia 2019-08-14 Not yet
Single Cell Analysis Reveals Multiple Requirements for Zinc in the Mammalian Cell Cycle 2019-08-14 Not yet
Formation of talin-vinculin pre-complexes dictates maturation of nascent adhesions by accelerated force transmission and vinculin recruitment 2019-08-14 Not yet
Measurement of skeletal muscle fiber contractility with high-speed traction microscopy 2019-08-13 Not yet
IgEvolution: clonal analysis of antibody repertoires 2019-08-13 Not yet
Superfast periodicities in distress vocalizations emitted by bats 2019-08-13 Not yet
Benchmarking machine learning models for the analysis of genetic data using FRESA.CAD Binary Classification Benchmarking 2019-08-13 Not yet
Th22 cells are a major contributor to the mycobacterial CD4+ T cell response and are depleted during HIV infection 2019-08-13 Not yet
Auxin-induced nanoclustering of membrane signaling complexes underlies cell polarity establishment in Arabidopsis 2019-08-13 Not yet
Cellular contractile forces emerge from time and F-actin dependent non-mechanosensitive displacements 2019-08-13 Not yet
Direct comparison of clathrin-mediated endocytosis in budding and fission yeast reveals conserved and evolvable features 2019-08-13 Not yet
Lysosomal perturbations in dopaminergic neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells with PARK2 mutation 2019-08-13 Not yet
SHYBRID: A graphical tool for generating hybrid ground-truth spiking data for evaluating spike sorting performance 2019-08-13 Not yet
Placental neurosteroids shape cerebellar development and social behaviour 2019-08-13 Not yet
Dopamine waves as a mechanism for spatiotemporal credit assignment 2019-08-13 Not yet
Peculiar cases of a "sleeping" brain in alert cancer patients 2019-08-13 Not yet
An Osteocalcin-deficient mouse strain without endocrine abnormalities 2019-08-13 Not yet
Reciprocal monoallelic expression of ASAR lncRNA genes controls replication timing of human chromosome 6. 2019-08-12 Not yet
Demographic history, linked selection, and recombination shape the genomic landscape of a broadly distributed Pacific salmon. 2019-08-12 Not yet
TRiC activates the unfolded protein response and protects starved stem cells by modulating energy and lipid metabolism during planarian regeneration 2019-08-12 Not yet
It takes two vanilloid ligand bindings per channel to transduce painful capsaicin stimuli 2019-08-12 Not yet
The role of dopaminergic nuclei in predicting and experiencing gains and losses: A 7T human fMRI study 2019-08-12 Not yet
Developing T cells form an immunological synapse for passage through the β-selection checkpoint 2019-08-12 Not yet
Network-Based Matching of Patients and Targeted Therapies for Precision Oncology 2019-08-12 Not yet
Adaptive Introgression Promotes Fast Adaptation In Oaks Marginal Populations 2019-08-12 Not yet
Blockade of stromal Gas6 alters cancer cell plasticity, activates NK cells and inhibits pancreatic cancer metastasis. 2019-08-12 Not yet
Loss of tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase (TNAP) enzyme activity in cerebral microvessels is coupled to persistent neuroinflammation and behavioral deficits in late sepsis 2019-08-12 Not yet
Applications of a Novel Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Process Model for Metabolomics 2019-08-12 Not yet
Identification of execution modes in the extrinsic apoptosis signaling network via Bayesian inference methods 2019-08-12 Not yet
Empirically Constrained Network Models for Contrast-dependent Modulation of Gamma Rhythm in V1 2019-08-12 Not yet
Spatial and temporal transcriptomics reveal microglia-astroglia crosstalk in the amyloid-β plaque cell niche of Alzheimer's disease 2019-08-12 Not yet
Spatiotemporal refinement of signal flow through association cortex during learning 2019-08-12 Not yet
vH+-ATPase-induced intracellular acidification is critical to glucose-stimulated insulin secretion 2019-08-12 Not yet
Chemistry of cation hydration and conduction in a skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor 2019-08-11 Not yet
MIR3607 regulates cerebral cortex development via activation of Wnt/βCat signaling 2019-08-11 Not yet
An integrative view of the regulatory and transcriptional landscapes in mouse hematopoiesis 2019-08-10 Not yet
Structural insights into the mechanism of the human soluble guanylate cyclase 2019-08-10 Not yet
Orbit Image Analysis: An open-source whole slide image analysis tool 2019-08-09 Not yet
Fibroblast growth factor receptor facilitates recurrence of minimal residual disease following trastuzumab emtansine therapy 2019-08-09 Not yet
Post-EMT: Cadherin-11 mediates cancer hijacking fibroblasts 2019-08-09 Not yet
Surface proteome dynamics during neuronal development and synaptic plasticity 2019-08-09 Not yet
Antibody Targeting of B7-H4 Enhances the Immune Response in Urothelial Carcinoma 2019-08-09 Not yet
STAT3 and GR cooperate to drive basal-like triple negative breast cancer gene expression and proliferation. 2019-08-09 Not yet
Multivoxel codes for representing and integrating acoustic features in human cortex 2019-08-09 Not yet
Exploration-related strategy mediates negative coupling between decision-making performance and psychiatric symptoms 2019-08-09 Not yet
Psychotic-like experiences, polygenic risk scores for schizophrenia and structural properties of the salience, default mode and central-executive networks in healthy participants from UK Biobank 2019-08-09 Not yet
In vivo lineage conversion of vertebrate muscle into early endoderm-like cells 2019-08-09 Not yet
Alpha herpesvirus egress and spread from neurons uses constitutive secretory mechanisms independent of neuronal firing activity 2019-08-08 Not yet
Dynamic control of cortical head-direction signal by angular velocity 2019-08-08 Not yet
Neuroimaging contrast across the cortical hierarchy is the feature maximally linked to behavior and demographics 2019-08-08 Not yet
Mapping the living mouse brain neural architecture: strain specific patterns of brain structural and functional connectivity 2019-08-08 Not yet
Connectivity analysis of GEF/GTPase networks in living cells 2019-08-08 Not yet
Plumage redness signals mitochondrial function in the House Finch 2019-08-08 Not yet
Aneuploidy and deregulated DNA damage response define haploinsufficiency in breast tissues of BRCA2 mutation carriers 2019-08-08 Not yet
A role for astroglial calcium in mammalian sleep 2019-08-08 Not yet
An altered metabolism could contribute to the low activation of neonatal CD8+T cells 2019-08-08 Not yet
Microbial community and geochemical analyses of trans-trench sediments for understanding the roles of hadal environments 2019-08-08 Not yet
Structural basis of nanobody-recognition of grapevine fanleaf virus and of virus resistance loss 2019-08-08 Not yet
Intrinsic neuronal excitability and spontaneous activity underlie cortical abnormalities upon Nr2f1/COUP-TFI deficiency 2019-08-08 Not yet
Siah2 integrates mitogenic and extracellular matrix signalslinking neuronal progenitor ciliogenesis with germinal zoneoccupancy. 2019-08-08 Not yet
Atypical neuromagnetic resting activity associated with thalamic volume and cognitive outcome in very preterm children 2019-08-08 Not yet
Immortalization of human zone I hepatocytes from biliary atresia with CDK4R24C, cyclin D1, and TERT for cytochrome P450 induction testing 2019-08-08 Not yet
Cyclin Dependent Kinase 5 (CDK5) Regulates the Circadian Clock 2019-08-07 Not yet
Commensal bacteria differentially shape the nutritional requirements of Drosophila during juvenile growth 2019-08-07 Not yet
Mining the human tonsillar microbiota as autoimmune modulator 2019-08-07 Not yet
Zinc-α2-Glycoprotein Is An Inhibitor Of Amine Oxidase Copper-Containing 3 2019-08-07 Not yet
bioPROTACs as versatile modulators of intracellular therapeutic targets: Application to proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) 2019-08-07 Not yet
Using high-definition transcranial direct current stimulation to elucidate the role of the cerebello-thalamo-prefrontal network in explicit sequence learning 2019-08-07 Not yet
Structural insights into the molecular mechanisms of the Mycobacterium evolvability factor Mfd 2019-08-07 Not yet
Structural genomic applied on the rust fungus Melampsora larici-populina reveals two candidate effector proteins adopting cystine-knot and nuclear transport factor 2-like protein folds 2019-08-07 Not yet
Map3k2-Regulated Intestinal Stromal Cells (MRISC) Define a Distinct Sub-cryptic Stem Cell Niche for Damage Induced Wnt Agonist R-spondin1 Production 2019-08-07 Not yet
Computational modelling of the long-term effects of brain stimulation on the local and global structural connectivity of epileptic patients 2019-08-07 Not yet
Lipid droplet accumulating microglia represent a dysfunctional and pro-inflammatory state in the aging brain 2019-08-06 Not yet
Multi-model preclinical platform predicts clinical response of melanoma to immunotherapy 2019-08-06 Not yet
Deficiency in the endocytic adaptor protein PHETA1/2 impairs renal and craniofacial development 2019-08-06 Not yet
Single-cell selectivity and functional architecture of human lateral occipital complex. 2019-05-08 Not yet
Sir2 non-autonomously controls differentiation of germline cells in the ovary of Drosophila melanogaster 2019-05-08 Not yet
Genetic effects on planum temporale asymmetry and their limited relevance to neurodevelopmental disorders, intelligence or educational attainment 2019-05-08 Not yet
Cellular precision of orientation and spatial frequency maps in macaque V1 2019-05-08 Not yet
Temporal perturbation of Erk dynamics reveals network architecture of FGF2-MAPK signaling 2019-05-08 Not yet
Optimizing the intrinsic parallel diffusivity in NODDI: an extensive empirical evaluation 2019-05-08 Not yet
Neutrophil extracellular trap stabilization leads to improved outcomes in murine models of sepsis 2019-05-07 Not yet
An epigenetic landscape governs early fate decision in cellular aging 2019-05-07 Not yet
Clustering of the structures by using "snakes-and-dragons" approach, or correlation matrix as a signal 2019-05-07 Not yet
Force-independent interactions of talin and vinculin govern integrin-mediated mechanotransduction 2019-05-07 Not yet
Rewiring of transcriptional networks as a major event leading to the diversity of asexual multicellularity in fungi 2019-05-07 Not yet
Pharmacologically targeting a novel pathway of sodium iodide symporter trafficking to enhance radioiodine uptake 2019-05-07 Not yet
Toffee - a highly efficient, lossless file format for DIA-MS 2019-05-07 Not yet
Distinct Oscillation Dynamics Selectively Coordinate Excitatory and Inhibitory Neurons in Prefrontal Cortex during Sensory Discrimination 2019-05-07 Not yet
Dose-dependent role of Gfi1 in murine hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation 2019-05-07 Not yet
Thresholds for post-rebound viral control after CCR5 gene-edited autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation 2019-05-07 Not yet
Pseudomonas aeruginosa lectin LecB impairs keratinocyte fitness by abrogating growth factor signalling 2019-05-07 Not yet
Structural basis of TFIIH activation for nucleotide excision repair 2019-05-07 Not yet
Origin of bidirectionality of cerebrospinal fluid flow and impact on long-range transport between brain and spinal cord 2019-05-07 Not yet
Influence of nanopillar arrays on fibroblast motility, adhesion and migration mechanisms 2019-05-06 Not yet
PROMO: An interactive tool for analyzing clinically-labeled multi-omic cancer datasets 2019-05-06 Not yet
Correlative SMLM and electron tomography reveals endosome nanoscale domains 2019-05-06 Not yet
Spontaneous activity generated within the olfactory bulb establishes the discrete wiring of mitral cell dendrites 2019-05-06 Not yet
Anterior corpus callosum modulates symmetric forelimb movements during spontaneous food handling behavior of rats. 2019-05-06 Not yet
Population receptive field and connectivity properties of the early visual cortex in human albinism 2019-05-05 Not yet
Accessible and reproducible mass spectrometry imaging data analysis in Galaxy 2019-05-05 Not yet
Density-Weighted Concentric Ring Trajectory using simultaneous multi-band acceleration: 3D Metabolite-cycled Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging at 3 T 2019-05-05 Not yet
Corticomuscular control of walking in older people and people with Parkinson's disease 2019-05-05 Not yet
Combinatorial perturbation analysis reveals divergent regulations of mesenchymal genes during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition 2019-05-05 Not yet
Corticostriatal stimulation compensates for medial frontal inactivation during interval timing 2019-05-05 Not yet
Multimodal frequency representations are embedded in modality-defined cortical sensory systems 2019-05-05 Not yet
Spatial genome re-organization between fetal and adult hematopoietic stem cells 2019-05-05 Not yet
Myeloid Tribbles 1 induces early atherosclerosis via enhanced foam cell expansion 2019-05-05 Not yet
A cellular and spatial map of the choroid plexus across brain ventricles and ages 2019-05-05 Not yet
Integration of eQTL and Parkinson's disease GWAS data implicates 11 disease genes 2019-05-05 Not yet
Subcellular analyses of planarian meiosis implicates a novel, double-membraned vesiculation process in nuclear envelope breakdown 2019-05-05 Not yet
Shavenbaby protein isoforms orchestrate the self-renewal versus differentiation of Drosophila intestinal stem cells 2019-05-04 Not yet
Photoactivation of silicon rhodamines via a light-induced protonation 2019-05-04 Not yet
Associations between EEG functional brain connectivity and a cognitive reserve proxy in healthy older adults 2019-05-03 Not yet
A conserved ATG2-GABARAP interaction is critical for phagophore closure 2019-05-03 Not yet
Multi-Scale, Patient-Specific Computational Flow Dynamics Models Predict Formation of Neointimal Hyperplasia in Saphenous Vein Grafts 2019-05-03 Not yet
Competing Fluid Forces Control Endothelial Sprouting in a 3-D Microfluidic Vessel Bifurcation Model 2019-05-03 Not yet
Structural integrity following focused ultrasound thalamotomy and its correlation with tremor relief 2019-05-03 Not yet
Characterization of bulk phosphatidylcholine compositions in human plasma using side-chain resolving lipidomics 2019-05-03 Not yet
Human immune cells infiltrate the lesioned spinal cord and impair recovery after spinal cord injury in humanized mice 2019-05-03 Not yet
In vivo microstructural heterogeneity of white matter lesions in Alzheimer's disease using tissue compositional analysis of diffusion MRI data 2019-05-03 Not yet
Parsing out the variability of transmission at central synapses using optical quantal analysis 2019-05-03 Not yet
CENP-F controls force generation and the dynein-dependent stripping of CENP-E at kinetochores 2019-05-03 Not yet
3D super-resolution microscopy performance and quantitative analysis assessment using DNA-PAINT and DNA origami test samples 2019-05-03 Not yet
A heme-binding protein produced by Haemophilus haemolyticus inhibits non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae 2019-05-03 Not yet
Self-Organization of Spindle-Like Microtubule Structures 2019-05-03 Not yet
Surprise response as a probe for compressed memory states 2019-05-03 Not yet
Soil and vegetation conditions changes following the different sand dune restoration measures on the Zoige Plateau 2019-05-03 Not yet
Smartphone screening for neonatal jaundice via ambient-subtracted sclera chromaticity: neoSCB app pilot study 2019-05-03 Not yet
Brain Responsivity to Emotional Faces Differs in Alcoholic Men and Women 2019-05-02 Not yet
Gene transcription as a limiting factor in protein production and cell growth 2019-05-02 Not yet
Xenotransplanted human cortical neurons reveal species-specific development and functional integration into mouse visual circuits. 2019-05-02 Not yet
Knocking out non-muscle myosin II in retinal ganglion cells promotes long-distance optic nerve regeneration 2019-05-02 Not yet
Generation of transgenic quails by in vivo transfection of primordial germ cells 2019-05-02 Not yet
Myosin II Tension Sensors Visualize Force Generation within the Actin Cytoskeleton in Living Cells 2019-05-02 Not yet
Structural abnormalities in thalamo-prefrontal tracks revealed by high angular resolution diffusion imaging predict working memory scores in concussed children 2019-05-02 Not yet
In vivo functional diversity of midbrain dopamine neurons within identified axonal projections 2019-05-02 Not yet
Regulated spindle orientation buffers tissue growth in the epidermis 2019-05-02 Not yet
Red blood cell-derived extracellular vesicles mediate intercellular communication in ischemic heart failure 2019-05-02 Not yet
An Electrophysiological Marker of Arousal Level in Humans 2019-05-02 Not yet
All-FIT: Allele-Frequency-based Imputation of Tumor Purity from High-Depth Sequencing Data 2019-05-02 Not yet
Dividing subpopulation of Escherichia coli in stationary phase 2019-05-02 Not yet
Hepatitis C virus infection is inhibited by a non-canonical antiviral signaling pathway targeted by NS3-NS4A 2019-05-02 Not yet
Reduced Permeability to Rifampicin by Capsular Thickening as a Mechanism of Antibiotic Persistence in Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2019-05-01 Not yet
Transcriptome-wide map of m6A circRNAs identified in hypoxic pulmonary hypertension rat model 2019-05-01 Not yet
Genetic characterization of a recombinant myxoma virus leap into the Iberian hare (Lepus granatensis) 2019-05-01 Not yet
Selection of appropriate reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in Clerodendrum trichotomum 2019-05-01 Not yet
In vivo Interactions between Myosin XI, Vesicles, and Filamentous Actin Are Fast and Transient 2019-04-30 Not yet
Impulse responses reveal unimodal and bimodal access to visual and auditory working memory 2019-04-30 Not yet
Centrosome amplification favours survival and impairs ovarian cancer progression 2019-04-30 Not yet
F-actin patches associated with glutamatergic synapses control positioning of dendritic lysosomes 2019-04-30 Not yet
Cell-to-cell Mathematical modeling of arrhythmia phenomena in excitable media 2019-04-30 Not yet
Water for sterol: an unusual mechanism of sterol egress from a StARkin domain 2019-04-30 Not yet
Emotional valence modulates the topology of the parent-infant inter-brain network 2019-04-30 Not yet
Synaptic mechanisms of context-dependent sensory responses in the hippocampus 2019-04-30 Not yet
Behavioural responses to video and live presentations of females reveal a dissociation between performance and motivational aspects of birdsong 2019-04-30 Not yet
Polyubiquitin-dependent recruitment of NEMO/IKKγ into T cell receptor signaling microclusters 2019-04-30 Not yet
C9orf72 dipeptide repeats inhibit UPF1-mediated RNA decay independent of stress granule formation 2019-04-30 Not yet
Transcriptional programs define intratumoral heterogeneity of Ewing sarcoma at single cell resolution 2019-04-30 Not yet
Stimulation-artifact-free, high-spatiotemporal-resolution in vivo optoEphys with μLED optoelectrodes 2019-04-30 Not yet
The neural basis for response latency in a sensory-motor behavior 2019-04-30 Not yet
Phase-specific microstimulation in brain-machine interface setting differentially modulates beta oscillations and affects behavior 2019-04-30 Not yet
A doublecortin-domain protein of Toxoplasma and its orthologues bind to and modify the structure and organization of tubulin polymers 2019-04-30 Not yet
Circadian regulation of microRNA-target chimeras in Drosophila 2019-04-29 Not yet
Intron-targeted mutagenesis reveals roles for Dscam1 RNA pairing-mediated splicing bias in neuronal wiring 2019-04-29 Not yet
Interactions of pharmaceutical companies with world countries, cancers and rare diseases from Wikipedia network analysis 2019-04-29 Not yet
CD71+ erythroid cells exacerbate HIV-1 infection by reactive oxygen species and trans-infect HIV to CD4+ T cells 2019-04-29 Not yet
The guanine nucleotide exchange factor GBF1 participates in rotavirus replication 2019-04-29 Not yet
Preclinical immunoPET imaging of glioblastoma-infiltrating myeloid cells using Zirconium-89-labeled anti-CD11b antibody 2019-04-29 Not yet
Inhibition of RNA Polymerase I Transcription Activates Targeted DNA Damage Response and Enhances the Efficacy of PARP Inhibitors in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer 2019-04-29 Not yet
Single-Cell Signature Explorer for comprehensive visualization of single cell signatures across scRNA-seq data sets 2019-04-29 Not yet
Choice of Contact Points Modulates Sensorimotor Cortical Interactions for Dexterous Manipulation 2019-04-29 Not yet
Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin1 channel is endogenously expressed in T cells and regulates immune functions 2019-04-29 Not yet
De novo emergence of adaptive membrane proteins from thymine-rich intergenic sequences 2019-04-29 Not yet
Super resolution imaging of a distinct chromatin loop in human lymphoblastoid cells 2019-04-29 Not yet
TeraVR Empowers Precise Reconstruction of Complete 3-D Neuronal Morphology in the Whole Brain 2019-04-28 Not yet
Behaviors and Energy Source of Mycoplasma gallisepticum Gliding 2019-04-28 Not yet
Evolution of conspicuousness in defended species involved in Mullerian mimicry 2019-04-28 Not yet
Crystal structures of the outer membrane transporter FoxA provide novel insights into TonB-mediated siderophore uptake and signalling 2019-04-28 Not yet
Tuning intercellular cohesion with membrane-anchored oligonucleotides 2019-04-27 Not yet
Signaling via GABAB receptors regulates early development and neurogenesis in the basal metazoan Nematostella vectensis 2019-04-27 Not yet
Immune Landscape of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Tumour Microenvironment Identifies a Prognostic and Immunotherapeutically Relevant Gene Signature 2019-04-27 Not yet
Assessing the impact of mindfulness attitudes on attentional quality through focused breath induction. 2019-04-26 Not yet
Fast and robust animal pose estimation 2019-04-26 Not yet
Loss of function in the autism and learning disabilities associated gene Nf1 disrupts corticocortical and corticostriatal functional connectivity in human and mouse 2019-04-26 Yes
Altered directed functional connectivity of the right amygdala in depression: high-density EEG study 2019-04-26 Yes
Coordinated circadian timing through the integration of local inputs in Arabidopsis thaliana 2019-04-26 Yes
Liquid-liquid phase separation and liquid-to-solid transition mediate α-synuclein amyloid fibril containing hydrogel formation 2019-04-26 Not yet
Rapid sensory integration in orexin neurons governs probability of future movements 2019-04-26 Not yet
N-WASP regulates the mobility of the B cell receptor and co-receptors during signaling activation 2019-04-26 Yes
Isoform specificity of PKMs during long-term facilitation in Aplysia is mediated through stabilization by KIBRA 2019-04-26 Not yet
Retromer repletion with AAV9-VPS35 restores endosomal function in the mouse hippocampus 2019-04-26 Not yet
Drosophila Snazarus regulates a lipid droplet population at plasma membrane-droplet contacts in adipocytes 2019-04-26 Not yet
Immunogenomic landscape of hematological malignancies 2019-04-26 Not yet
Modeling the Switching behavior of Functional Connectivity Microstates (FCμstates) as a Novel Biomarker for Mild Cognitive Impairment 2019-04-26 Yes
Tau pathology in cognitively normal older adults: Associations with brain atrophy and cognitive decline 2019-04-26 Yes
A ride in the park: Cycling in different outdoor environments modulates the auditory evoked potentials 2019-04-26 Yes
Cellular properties of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells during postnatal development 2019-04-26 Not yet
Brain BOLD MRI O2 and CO2 stress testing: Implications for perioperative neurocognitive disorder following surgery 2019-04-26 Yes
EphB1 in Endothelial Cells Regulates Caveolae Formation and Endocytosis 2019-04-26 Not yet
Syntenizer 3000: Synteny-based analysis of orthologous gene groups 2019-04-25 Yes
Force-dependent facilitated dissociation can generate protein-DNA catch bonds 2019-04-25 Yes
Interaction between DNA damage response, translation and apoptosome determines cancer susceptibility to TOP2 poisons 2019-04-25 Not yet
Efficient consideration of coordinated water molecules improves computational protein-protein and protein-ligand docking 2019-04-25 Not yet
Basement membrane regulates fibronectin organization using sliding focal adhesions driven by a contractile winch 2019-04-25 Not yet
Proteoliposomes as energy transferring nanomaterials: enhancing the spectral range of light-harvesting proteins using lipid-linked chromophores 2019-04-25 Yes
Sing cell RNA-seq reveals cellular diversity and developmental characteristics of human infant retina 2019-04-25 Yes
Alterations of the pulmonary immunity are independent of spontaneous pneumonia in an experimental model of ischemic stroke 2019-04-25 Yes
Mass Cytometry Study on the Heterogeneity in Cellular Association and Cytotoxicity of Silver Nanoparticles in Human Immune Cells 2019-04-25 Yes
Deep learning enables therapeutic antibody optimization in mammalian cells 2019-04-24 Yes
RNA transcribed from heterochromatic simple-tandem repeats are required for male fertility and histone-protamine exchange in Drosophila melanogaster 2019-04-24 Not yet
Tracking the cells of tumor origin in breast organoids by light sheet microscopy 2019-04-24 Not yet
Effect of PEI-coated MNPs on the Regulation of Cellular Focal Adhesions and Actin Stress Fibres 2019-04-24 Not yet
The role of lineage, hemilineage and temporal identity in establishing neuronal targeting and connectivity in the Drosophila embryo 2019-04-24 Not yet
Distinct Structural Features of the Lon Protease Drive Conserved Hand-over-Hand Substrate Translocation 2019-04-24 Yes
FOXP2 exhibits neuron class specific expression, but is not required for multiple aspects of cortical histogenesis 2019-04-24 Not yet
An enhanced molecular tension sensor based on bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET) 2019-04-24 Yes
PSC-RED, an Albumin-Free Robust Erythroid Differentiation Method to Produce Enucleated Red Blood Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells 2019-04-23 Yes
Three-dimensional Monolayer Stress Microscopy 2019-04-23 Yes
Probing dynamical cortical gating of attention with concurrent TMS-EEG 2019-04-23 Yes
Estrogen accelerates heart regeneration by promoting inflammatory responses in zebrafish 2019-04-23 Not yet
DRPnet - Automated Particle Picking In Cryo-Electron Micrographs Using Deep Regression 2019-04-23 Yes
Electrospinning of pure, native, cross-linker free self-supported collagen membrane 2019-04-23 Not yet
Fast and cloning-free CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genomic editing in mammalian cells 2019-04-23 Yes
Dorsal and ventral hippocampus engage opposing networks in the nucleus accumbens 2019-04-23 Yes
The statistical structure of the hippocampal code for space as a function of time, context, and value 2019-04-22 Yes
Convolutional Neural Networks for Decoding of Covert Attention Focus and Saliency Maps for EEG Feature Visualization 2019-04-22 Yes
TLR7-agonist and antineoplastic MEK1/2-inhibitor combination unlocks interferon responses from macrophages 2019-04-22 Yes
Enriched environmental conditions modify the gut microbiome composition and fecal markers of inflammation in Parkinson's disease 2019-04-22 Yes
Amygdala Reward Neurons Form and Store Fear Extinction Memory 2019-04-21 Yes
UNC-45A is preferentially expressed in epithelial cells and binds to and co-localizes with interphase MTs 2019-04-21 Not yet
Decoding Complex Sounds Using Broadband Population Recordings from Secondary Auditory Cortex of Macaques 2019-04-20 Yes
A How-To guide to: Quantitative high-speed video profiling to discriminate between variants of primary ciliary dyskinesia 2019-04-20 Yes
Intertwined trade-offs coordinate Drosophila midgut mitosis vs. endoreplication and host defense vs. dysplasia 2019-04-20 Not yet
Role of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived spinal cord astrocytes in the functional maturation of motor neurons in a multielectrode array system 2019-04-19 Not yet
Scalable, FACS-Free Genome-Wide Phenotypic Screening 2019-04-19 Yes
The role of diffusion and perivascular spaces in dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI 2019-04-19 Yes
Alzheimer's patient brain myeloid cells exhibit enhanced aging and unique transcriptional activation 2019-04-19 Yes
Overcoming tissue scattering in wide-field deep imaging by extended detection and computational reconstruction 2019-04-19 Yes
After the Honeymoon, the Divorce: Unexpected Outcomes of Disease Control Measures Against Endemic Infections 2019-04-19 Yes
Two-Color Spatial Cumulant Analysis Detects Heteromeric Interactions between Membrane Proteins 2019-04-19 Yes
Automated analysis of whole brain vasculature using machine learning 2019-04-18 Yes
Combined behavioral and electrophysiological evidence for a direct cortical effect of prefrontal tDCS on disorders of consciousness 2019-04-18 Yes
Vinculin anchors contractile actin to the cardiomyocyte adherens junction 2019-04-18 Not yet
Action kinematics as an organising principle in the cortical control of human hand movement 2019-04-18 Yes
Nanoscale subcellular architecture revealed by multicolor 3D salvaged fluorescence imaging 2019-04-18 Not yet
Single Cortical Neurons as Deep Artificial Neural Networks 2019-04-18 Yes
Translocation of dense granule effectors across the parasitophorous vacuole membrane in Toxoplasma-infected cells requires the activity of ROP17, a rhoptry protein kinase. 2019-04-18 Not yet
Direct observation of branching MT nucleation in living animal cells. 2019-04-18 Not yet
A pilot Study: Auditory Steady-State Responses (ASSR) can be measured in human Fetuses using fetal Magnetoencephalography (fMEG) 2019-04-18 Yes
The self-organized learning of noisy environmental stimuli requires distinct phases of plasticity 2019-04-18 Yes
Elimination of HSV-2 infected cells is mediated predominantly by paracrine effects of tissue-resident T cell derived cytokines 2019-04-18 Yes
Cortical visual prosthesis: a detailed large-scale simulation study 2019-04-18 Yes
Exercise enhances motor skill learning by neurotransmitter switching in the adult midbrain 2019-04-18 Not yet
Second-generation lung-on-a-chip array with a stretchable biological membrane 2019-04-18 Yes
Metrics for Graph Comparison: A Practitioner's Guide 2019-04-18 Yes
Modeling implicates inhibitory network bistability as an underpinning of seizure initiation 2019-04-18 Yes
High specificity of widely used phospho-tau antibodies validated using a quantitative whole-cell based assay 2019-04-18 Yes
Dissecting the cellular specificity of smoking effects and reconstructing lineages in the human airway epithelium 2019-04-17 Yes
A model for estimating traction force magnitude reveals differential regulation of actomyosin activity and matrix adhesion number in response to smooth muscle cell spreading 2019-04-17 Yes
Centromere clustering stabilizes meiotic homolog pairing 2019-04-17 Not yet
Macrophages employ quorum licensing to regulate collective activation 2019-04-17 Yes
Neurobehavioural signatures of learning that emerge in a real-world motor skill task 2019-04-17 Yes
The transmission of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in East and Southeast Asia 2019-04-17 Yes
Identifying site- and stimulation-specific TMS-evoked EEG potentials using a quantitative cosine similarity metric 2019-04-17 Yes
Hello, is that me you are looking for? A re-examination of the role of the DMN in off-task thought 2019-04-17 Not yet
Auxin-mediated rapid degradation of selective proteins in hippocampal neurons 2019-04-17 Not yet
Magia: Robust automated modeling and image processing toolbox for PET neuroinformatics 2019-04-16 Yes
Short-term evolution under copper stress increases probability of plasmid uptake 2019-04-16 Not yet
Plasma membrane associated Receptor Like Kinases relocalise to plasmodesmata in response to osmotic stress. 2019-04-16 Yes
Autonomous oscillations and phase-locking in a biophysically detailed model of the STN-GPe network 2019-04-16 Yes
TRIM21-SERPINB5 aids GMPS repression to protect nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells from radiation-induced apoptosis 2019-04-16 Yes
Structural Learning of Proteins Using Graph Convolutional Neural Networks 2019-04-16 Not yet
Inverse Transformed Encoding Models - a solution to the problem of correlated trial-by-trial parameter estimates in fMRI decoding 2019-04-16 Yes
Understanding requires tracking: noise and knowledge interact in bilingual comprehension 2019-04-16 Not yet
Routing of non-mnemonic hippocampal ripples to subcortical structures 2019-04-16 Yes
The ecological and epidemiological consequences of reproductive interference between the vectors Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus 2019-04-16 Yes
The number sense is an emergent property of a deep convolutional neural network trained for object recognition 2019-04-16 Yes
Stem cell delivery to kidney via minimally invasive ultrasound-guided renal artery injection in mice 2019-04-16 Yes
The Maize LINC KASH AtSINE-like2 (MLKS2) gene encodes an ARM domain protein that tethers the nucleus to F-actin and is required for normal development and meiotic chromosome segregation 2019-04-16 Not yet
Four ways to fit an ion channel model 2019-04-16 Yes
Amelioration of muscular dystrophy phenotype in mdx mice by inhibition of Flt1 2019-04-15 Yes
TLR4-dependent signaling drives extracellular catabolism of low-density lipoprotein aggregates 2019-04-15 Yes
A single K+-binding site in the crystal structure of the gastric proton pump 2019-04-15 Not yet
miR-9 mediated noise optimization of the her6 oscillator is needed for cell state progression in the Zebrafish hindbrain 2019-04-15 Yes
Microtubules coordinate protrusion-retraction dynamics in migrating dendritic cells 2019-04-15 Yes
Integrating Protein Localization with Automated Signaling Pathway Reconstruction 2019-04-15 Yes
Integrative analysis identifies key molecular signatures underlying neurodevelopmental deficits in Fragile X Syndrome 2019-04-15 Not yet
Stasimon contributes to the loss of sensory synapses and motor neuron death in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy 2019-04-15 Not yet
A dynamical model of the laminar BOLD response 2019-04-15 Yes
The Drosophila Afadin and ZO-1 homologs Canoe and Polychaetoid act in parallel to maintain epithelial integrity when challenged by adherens junction remodeling 2019-04-15 Not yet
Reducing false positives in tractography with microstructural and anatomical priors 2019-04-14 Yes
Amygdala controls saccade and gaze physically, motivationally, and socially 2019-04-14 Yes
Lytic transglycosylases RlpA and MltC assist in Vibrio cholerae daughter cell separation 2019-04-13 Yes
Spatial clustering of inhibition in mouse primary visual cortex 2019-04-13 Yes
Resting-state directed brain connectivity patterns in adolescents from source-reconstructed EEG signals based on information flow rate 2019-04-13 Yes
Phylogenetic and Spatial Distribution of Evolutionary Isolation and Threat in Turtles and Crocodilians (Non-Avian Archosauromorphs) 2019-04-13 Yes