Fighting against Rainbow Colormaps everywhere!

Scientists co-opt our visual system to convey numerical data in a format that's easily understandable using spatial and color variation to capture details of the underlying data. A “colormap” transforms the set of numbers into a pattern of plotted colors.

When done poorly, this transformation introduces well-established visual artifacts and obscures the underlying detail. Furthermore, certain colormaps create images that are inaccessible to readers with anomalous color vision (i.e. colorblindness).

Unfortunately, widely-used rainbow colormaps, like "jet", face these issues but are pervasive in the scientific literature. Jetfighter aims to prevent this by detecting problematic colormaps in publicly available pre-print manuscripts and then contacting the authors, if necessary.

Explore recently screened manuscripts here, and check out a companion website that provides a solution for published figures,, as well!

View Results Title Date Posted Paper Link Parse Status Authors notified?
Assessing the social impact of an online course on the clinical management of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: A qualitative study 2019-05-08
Comparative profiling of the synaptic proteome from Alzheimer's disease patients with focus on the APOE genotype 2019-05-08
Bagremycin Antibiotics and Ferroverdin iron-chelators are synthetized by the Same Gene Cluster 2019-05-08
Accelerated phosphatidylcholine turnover in macrophages promotes adipose tissue inflammation in obesity 2019-05-08
Downregulation of hippocampal NR2A/2B subunits related to cognitive impairment in a pristane-induced lupus BALB/c mice 2019-05-08
Optimization of Quantitative Phase Microscopy reveals new features of the growth rate of adherent mammalian cells 2019-05-08
The state of preparation in performance climbing 2019-05-08
Individual difference in serial dependence results from opposite influences of perceptual choices and motor responses 2019-05-08
Galacto-oligosaccharides modulate the juvenile gut microbiome and innate immunity to improve broiler chicken performance 2019-05-08
In situ abundance and carbon fixation activity of distinct anoxygenic phototrophs in the stratified seawater lake Rogoznica 2019-05-08
D-alanylation of Teichoic Acids in Bacilli impedes the immune sensing of peptidoglycan in Drosophila 2019-05-08
Set1/COMPASS repels heterochromatin invasion at euchromatic sites by disrupting Suv39/Clr4 activity and nucleosome stability 2019-05-08
Nearly unbiased estimator of contemporary effective population size using within-cohort sibling pairs incorporating parental and non-parental reproductive variations 2019-05-08
Semaphorin 7a dependent programs of cell surivival, matrix remodeling, and EMT drive postpartum breast tumor progression 2019-05-08
Discovery of interaction-related sRNAs and their targets in the Brachypodium distachyon and Magnaporthe oryzae pathosystem 2019-05-08
Cyclic di-GMP Increases Catalase Production and Hydrogen Peroxide Tolerance in Vibrio cholerae 2019-05-08
A novel genetic circuitry governing hypoxic metabolic flexibility, commensalism and virulence in the fungal pathogen Candida albicans 2019-05-08
Electroporated recombinant proteins as tools for in vivo functional complementation, imaging, and chemical biology 2019-05-08
Epithelial Modelling Platform: A Tool for Model Discovery and Assembly with the Physiome Model Repository 2019-05-08
BOCS: DNA k-mer content and scoring for rapid genetic biomarker identification at low coverage 2019-05-08
In situ measurement of absolute concentrations by Normalized Raman Imaging 2019-05-08
The Role of the Public Health Service Equalization Program in the Control of Hypertension in China: Results from a Cross-sectional Health Interview Survey 2019-05-08
Single-cell selectivity and functional architecture of human lateral occipital complex. 2019-05-08 Not yet
Scaling of inertial delays in terrestrial mammals 2019-05-08
Deletion of the CTG Expansion in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Reverses DMPK Aberrant Methylation in Human Embryonic Stem Cells but not Affected Myoblasts 2019-05-08
Dispersal of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to indigenous populations driven by historical European trade in the South Pacific 2019-05-08
Sir2 non-autonomously controls differentiation of germline cells in the ovary of Drosophila melanogaster 2019-05-08 Not yet
Structural equation modeling for hypertension and type 2 diabetes based on multiple SNPs and multiple phenotypes 2019-05-08
Paternal kin discrimination by sons in male chimpanzees transitioning to adulthood 2019-05-08
Systems-wide analysis unravels the new roles of CCM signal complex (CSC) 2019-05-08
Expanding the Zebrafish Genetic Code through Site-Specific Introduction of Diazirine-lysine, Bicyclononyne-lysine and Azido-lysine 2019-05-08
Transcranial alternating current stimulation reduces BOLD adaptation and increases functional connectivity 2019-05-08
Spatial Confidence Sets for Raw Effect Size Images 2019-05-08
Simulation-based comparison of Biopharmaceutics Classification System and drug structure 2019-05-08
Single-cell RNA-seq of differentiating iPS cells reveals dynamic genetic effects on gene expression 2019-05-08
Genetic effects on planum temporale asymmetry and their limited relevance to neurodevelopmental disorders, intelligence or educational attainment 2019-05-08 Not yet
The atypical Rho GTPase RhoU interacts with Intersectin-2 to regulate endosomal recycling pathways 2019-05-08
Effect of structure in ionized albumin - based nanoparticle: Characterisation, Emodin interaction, and in vitro cytotoxicity 2019-05-08
Cellular precision of orientation and spatial frequency maps in macaque V1 2019-05-08 Not yet
Ecosystem services at risk from declining taxonomic and interaction diversity in a tropical forest 2019-05-08
Interplay of cellular states: Role of delay as control mechanism 2019-05-08
Single molecule dynamics of Dishevelled at the plasma membrane and Wnt pathway activation 2019-05-08
Enhanced Disease Susceptibility 5 (EDS5) is required for N-hydroxy pipecolic acid formation 2019-05-08
A megaplasmid family responsible for dissemination of multidrug resistance in Pseudomonas 2019-05-08
Unbiased identification of trans regulators of ADAR and A-to-I RNA editing 2019-05-08
Androgen-regulated transcription of ESRP2 drives alternative splicing patterns in prostate cancer 2019-05-08
Immunosuppressive regimens based on Cyclophospamide or Calcineurin inhibitors: Comparison of their effect in the long term outcome of Primary Membranous Nephropathy 2019-05-08
Differential local stability governs the metamorphic fold-switch of bacterial virulence factor RfaH 2019-05-08
Temporal perturbation of Erk dynamics reveals network architecture of FGF2-MAPK signaling 2019-05-08 Not yet
Leptin induces cell migration and invasion in a FAK-Src- dependent manner in breast cancer cells 2019-05-08
Optimizing the intrinsic parallel diffusivity in NODDI: an extensive empirical evaluation 2019-05-08 Not yet
The evolution of nitroimidazole antibiotic resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2019-05-08
Basis for discrimination by engineered CRISPR/Cas9 enzymes 2019-05-08
The neural basis of tadpole transport in poison frogs 2019-05-08
Neutrophil extracellular trap stabilization leads to improved outcomes in murine models of sepsis 2019-05-07 Not yet
Heterogeneous disease-propagating stem cells in juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia 2019-05-07
Viral infection causes sex-specific changes in fruit fly social aggregation behaviour 2019-05-07
An epigenetic landscape governs early fate decision in cellular aging 2019-05-07 Not yet
De-novo discovery of tumoricidal aptamers in a DNA sequencing chip 2019-05-07
Hippocampal theta coordinates memory processing during visual exploration 2019-05-07
Neural correlates of cardiac interoceptive accuracy across development: implications for social symptoms in autism spectrum disorders 2019-05-07
Quantitative insights into age-associated DNA-repair inefficiency in single cells 2019-05-07
High-throughput isolation and culture of human gut bacteria with droplet microfluidics 2019-05-07
A DNA recognition code for probing the in vivo functions of zinc finger transcription factors at domain resolution 2019-05-07
Clustering of the structures by using "snakes-and-dragons" approach, or correlation matrix as a signal 2019-05-07 Not yet
Auxin-Induced Actin Cytoskeleton Rearrangements Require AUX1 2019-05-07
A preliminary study of brain metabolism in treatment-resistant depression before and after treatment with olanzapine-fluoxetine combination 2019-05-07
Association between uncontrolled eating and caudate responses to reward cues 2019-05-07
Reconciling Base-Pair Resolution 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine Data in Neuroepigenetics 2019-05-07
No association of mitochondrial DNA levels in trophectodermal cells with the developmental competence of the blastocyst and pregnancy outcomes 2019-05-07
Time-resolved compound repositioning predictions on a texted-mined knowledge network 2019-05-07
CNOT1 mediates phosphorylation via Protein kinase A on the circadian clock 2019-05-07
How do brassinosteroids activate their receptors? 2019-05-07
A Temporal Transcriptional Map of Human Natural Killer Cell Differentiation 2019-05-07
Predicting patient-specific radiotherapy responses in head and neck cancer to personalize radiation dose fractionation 2019-05-07
Computational staining of pathology images to study tumor microenvironment in lung cancer 2019-05-07
Superloser: a plasmid shuffling vector for Saccharomyces cerevisiae with exceedingly low background 2019-05-07
Single-cell Lineage Tracing by Integrating CRISPR-Cas9 Mutations with Transcriptomic Data 2019-05-07
Critical domains of moss KCBP kinesin for cargo transport 2019-05-07
Force-independent interactions of talin and vinculin govern integrin-mediated mechanotransduction 2019-05-07 Not yet
Stem cell-derived cranial and spinal motor neurons reveal proteostatic differences between ALS resistant and sensitive motor neurons 2019-05-07
Synthetic peptide-induced internalization of biomolecules into various plant and algal cells via micropinocytosis 2019-05-07
Transcriptomic evidence that von Economo neurons are regionally specialized extratelencephalic-projecting excitatory neurons 2019-05-07
Non-linear sequence similarity between the Xist and Rsx long noncoding RNAs suggests shared functions of tandem repeat domains 2019-05-07
Probing the polarity of GABAergic transmission in vivo 2019-05-07
Rewiring of transcriptional networks as a major event leading to the diversity of asexual multicellularity in fungi 2019-05-07 Not yet
Pharmacologically targeting a novel pathway of sodium iodide symporter trafficking to enhance radioiodine uptake 2019-05-07 Not yet
Characterization of a β-lactamase that contributes to intrinsic β-lactam resistance in Clostridioides difficile 2019-05-07
Meta-taxonomic Analysis of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Gut Flora in Stool Samples from Visceral Leishmaniasis Cases and Endemic Controls in Bihar State India 2019-05-07
Computational and experimental optimization of T cell activation 2019-05-07
Region-specific magnetic field structure sea turtle populations 2019-05-07
Co-regulation and functional cooperativity of FOXM1 and RHNO1 bidirectional genes in ovarian cancer 2019-05-07
Large Scale-Free Network Organization is Likely Key for Biofilm Phase Transition 2019-05-07
Glycosylation-dependent enhanced cell-binding and infectivity through DC-SIGN in the West African Ebola virus Makona 2019-05-07
Comprehensive genomic analysis reveals dynamic evolution of mammalian transposable elements that code for viral-like protein domains 2019-05-07
The Vertebrate Codex Gene Breaking Protein Trap Library For Genomic Discovery and Disease Modeling Applications 2019-05-07
Variable prediction accuracy of polygenic scores within an ancestry group 2019-05-07
Recapitulation and Retrospective Prediction of Biomedical Associations Using Temporally-enabled Word Embeddings 2019-05-07
Toffee - a highly efficient, lossless file format for DIA-MS 2019-05-07 Not yet
Does deliberation really need more effort than intuition? A test using event-related brain potential 2019-05-07
Performance comparison of reverse transcriptases for single-cell studies 2019-05-07
Draft Genome Sequence of Candida auris Strain LOM, a Human Clinical Isolate from Greater Metropolitan Houston, Texas 2019-05-07
Genetic variation regulates the activation and specificity of Restriction-Modification systems in Neisseria gonorrhoeae 2019-05-07
Inhibition of A20 deubiquitinase activity by KSHV vFLIP: A SUMO dependent mechanism? 2019-05-07
Single cell transcriptomics reveals opioid usage evokes widespread suppression of antiviral genes 2019-05-07
Why are education, socioeconomic position and intelligence genetically correlated? 2019-05-07
A Fast and Flexible Algorithm for Solving the Lasso in Large-scale and Ultrahigh-dimensional Problems 2019-05-07
New iterative reallocation algorithms based on the silhouette index for numerical classification 2019-05-07
Discovery of tumoricidal DNA aptamers by effect-directed in-vitro evolution 2019-05-07
Comparison of long-term outcomes between enteral nutrition via gastrostomy and total parenteral nutrition in the elderly with dysphagia: A propensity-matched cohort study 2019-05-07
The influence of visual experience and cognitive goals on spatial representations of nociceptive stimuli 2019-05-07
Efficient phase coding in hippocampal place cells 2019-05-07
Inhibition of host Lactate dehydrogenase A by a small-molecule limits Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth and potentiates bactericidal activity of isoniazid 2019-05-07
Whole Chromosome Haplotype Phasing from Long-Range Sequencing 2019-05-07
Model-based control of individual finger movements for prosthetic hand function 2019-05-07
Inhibition of GMP synthesis extends yeast replicative lifespan 2019-05-07
A genetically validated approach to detect inorganic polyphosphates in plants. 2019-05-07
Genome-wide 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) emerges at early stage of in vitro hepatocyte differentiation 2019-05-07
Genic evidence that gnetophytes are sister to all other seed plants 2019-05-07
Transactional sex among men who have sex with men participating in the CohMSM prospective cohort study in West Africa 2019-05-07
AI on animals: AI-assisted animal-borne logger never misses the moments that biologists want 2019-05-07
Heterogenization of remaining biodiversity in fragmented tropical forests across agricultural landscapes 2019-05-07
DreamDMI: a tool for Disease Module Identification in molecular networks 2019-05-07
The photoactive site modulates current rectification and channel closing in the natural anion channelrhodopsin GtACR1 2019-05-07
Electrospun Ag-doped SnO2 hollow nanofibers with high antibacterial activity 2019-05-07
Accounting for red blood cell accessibility reveals distinct invasion strategies in Plasmodium falciparum strains 2019-05-07
Gene Sets Analysis using Network Patterns 2019-05-07
Factors affecting pathogenicity of the turfgrass dollar spot pathogen in natural and model hosts 2019-05-07
Distinct and overlapping functions of Miscanthus sinensis MYB transcription factors SCM1 and MYB103 in lignin biosynthesis 2019-05-07
Development of SGC-GAK-1 as an orally active in vivo probe for cyclin G associated kinase through cytochrome P450 inhibition 2019-05-07
Distinct Oscillation Dynamics Selectively Coordinate Excitatory and Inhibitory Neurons in Prefrontal Cortex during Sensory Discrimination 2019-05-07 Not yet
Behavioral and Computational Evidence for Simultaneous Guidance of Attention by Multiple Working Memory Items 2019-05-07
Controlling emulsification for organic solvent-based tissue clearing 2019-05-07
Bile acid metabolism is altered in multiple sclerosis and supplementation ameliorates neuroinflammation 2019-05-07
Auditory cortical alpha desynchronization prioritizes the representation of memory items during a retention period 2019-05-07
Photoreceptor inputs into pupil control 2019-05-07
Safety in numbers is mediated by motion cues and depends on lobula columnar neurons in Drosophila melanogaster 2019-05-07
A general spectral decomposition of causal influences applied to integrated information 2019-05-07
Dose-dependent role of Gfi1 in murine hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation 2019-05-07 Not yet
The L1 stalk is required for efficient export of nascent large ribosomal subunits in yeast 2019-05-07
Rapid functionalisation and detection of viruses via a novel Ca2+-mediated virus-DNA interaction 2019-05-07
Thresholds for post-rebound viral control after CCR5 gene-edited autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation 2019-05-07 Not yet
The Urinary Microbiota in Relation to the Reproductive Tract Microbiota 2019-05-07
Developmentally Regulated Genome Editing in Terminally Differentiated N2-Fixing Heterocysts of Anabaena cylindrica ATCC 29414 2019-05-07
Acquisition of cross-resistance to bedaquiline and clofazimine following treatment for tuberculosis in Pakistan 2019-05-07
Mycobacterium tuberculosis reactivates HIV via exosomes mediated resetting of cellular redox potential and bioenergetics 2019-05-07
Genome Profiling for Aflatoxin B1 Resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Reveals a Role for the CSM2/SHU Complex in Tolerance of Aflatoxin B1-associated DNA Damage 2019-05-07
High diagnostic yield and clinical utility of WES for patients with undiagnosed genetic disorder by automating variant interpretation 2019-05-07
Different energetic diets affect the maintenance of Apis mellifera L. colonies during off-season 2019-05-07
Differentiation between wild and domesticated Ungulates based on ecological niches 2019-05-07
Interaction network structure maximizes community-level plant reproduction success via niche complementarity 2019-05-07
A reference model for the combination of an arbitrary number of drugs: A generalization of the Bliss independence model 2019-05-07
Universal and naked-eye gene detection platform based on CRISPR/Cas12a/13a system 2019-05-07
Trophoblast proliferation, migration, and invasion is regulated by the miR-195/EGFR signaling pathway in recurrent spontaneous abortion patients 2019-05-07
Evaluating the performance of 3-tissue constrained spherical deconvolution pipelines for within-tumor tractography 2019-05-07
Global ribosome profiling reveals that mutant huntingtin stalls ribosomes and represses protein synthesis independent of fragile X mental retardation protein 2019-05-07
Relationships between MA-RNA binding in cells and suppression of HIV-1 Gag mislocalization to intracellular membranes 2019-05-07
Amplification of the V5 - V8 region of the 16S rRNA gene effectively speciates medically important genital tract Lactobacillus species in the upper female genital tract 2019-05-07
Genome rearrangements and megaplasmid loss in the filamentous bacterium Kitasatospora viridifaciens are associated with protoplast formation and regeneration 2019-05-07
Health literacy assessment of primary care patients in a Lower Middle Income Country 2019-05-07
Association of simple renal cysts and chronic kidney disease with large abdominal aortic aneurysm 2019-05-07
Somatic cell nuclear transfer in non-enucleated goldfish oocytes: understanding DNA fate during meiosis resumption and first cellular division. 2019-05-07
A low-cost, rapidly integrated debubbler (RID) module for microfluidic cell culture applications 2019-05-07
Effect of high-salt diet on mean arterial pressure, renal epithelial sodium channels and aquaporins subunits expression levels in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats 2019-05-07
Base editing in Streptomyces with Cas9-deaminase fusions 2019-05-07
Amplification of genomic regions harbouring genes with dose-limiting effects provides selection pressure for acquiring aberrant epigenetic silencing in ovarian cancer 2019-05-07
Modeling glioblastoma invasion using human brain organoids and single-cell transcriptomics 2019-05-07
COSPLAY: An expandable toolbox for combinatorial and swift generation of expression plasmids in yeast 2019-05-07
Pseudomonas aeruginosa lectin LecB impairs keratinocyte fitness by abrogating growth factor signalling 2019-05-07 Not yet
Cellular and molecular characterization of multiplex autism in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons 2019-05-07
MEK1/2 in Rhabdomyosarcoma 2019-05-07
Noncanonical scaffolding of Gαi and β-arrestin by G protein-coupled receptors 2019-05-07
Structural basis of TFIIH activation for nucleotide excision repair 2019-05-07 Not yet
Protein Expression Patterns in ovarian cancer cells Associated with Monofunctional Platinums Treatment 2019-05-07
Deep Learning Approach to Identifying Breast Cancer Subtypes Using High-Dimensional Genomic Data 2019-05-07
Calcium entry does not drive fast mechanotransduction adaptation in cochlear hair cells 2019-05-07
A highly-selective chloride microelectrode based on a mercuracarborand anion carrier 2019-05-07
Heme minimizes Parkinson's disease-associated toxicity by inducing a conformational distortion in the oligomers of alpha-Synuclein 2019-05-07
An in vivo inflammatory loop potentiates KRAS blockade 2019-05-07
High-speed motility originates from cooperatively pushing and pulling flagella bundles in bilophotrichous bacteria 2019-05-07
Origin of bidirectionality of cerebrospinal fluid flow and impact on long-range transport between brain and spinal cord 2019-05-07 Not yet
Influence of nanopillar arrays on fibroblast motility, adhesion and migration mechanisms 2019-05-06 Not yet
PROMO: An interactive tool for analyzing clinically-labeled multi-omic cancer datasets 2019-05-06 Not yet
Predicting late-onset Alzheimer's disease from genomic data using deep neural networks 2019-05-06
Correlative SMLM and electron tomography reveals endosome nanoscale domains 2019-05-06 Not yet
DNA sequence is a major determinant of tetrasome dynamics 2019-05-06
DEN-IM: Dengue Virus identification from shotgun and targeted metagenomics 2019-05-06
Estimation of a time-varying apparent infection rate from plant disease progress curves: a particle filter approach 2019-05-06
Alpha oscillations govern interhemispheric spike timing coordination in the honey bee brain 2019-05-06
Using selection by non-antibiotic stressors to sensitize bacteria to antibiotics 2019-05-06
Linking patterns of genetic variation to processes of diversification in Malaysian torrent frogs (Anura: Ranidae: Amolops): a landscape genomics approach 2019-05-06
Discovery of biased orientation of human DNA motif sequences affecting enhancer-promoter interactions and transcription of genes 2019-05-06
Spontaneous activity generated within the olfactory bulb establishes the discrete wiring of mitral cell dendrites 2019-05-06 Not yet
Using Earth Mover's Distance for Viral OutbreakInvestigations 2019-05-06
Anterior corpus callosum modulates symmetric forelimb movements during spontaneous food handling behavior of rats. 2019-05-06 Not yet
Longevity of growth-arrested bacteria requires protein synthesis and a stringent response 2019-05-06
Reduction of Bacillus cereus Biofilms on Stainless Steel Surfaces by Pestalotiopsis sp. Culture Crude Extract 2019-05-06
To Improve Protein Sequence Profile Prediction through Image Captioning on Pairwise Residue Distance Map 2019-05-06
Preparation of Artesunate mPEG-PLGA Nanoparticles and Its Application to K562 Apoptosis of cells 2019-05-06
Airway Gene-Expression Classifiers for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Disease Severity in Infants 2019-05-05
The structure of the yeast Ctf3 complex 2019-05-05
Insect pollination is an ecological process involved in the assembly of the seed microbiota 2019-05-05
The genetic architecture of helminth-specific immune responses in a wild population of Soay sheep (Ovis aries) 2019-05-05
Population receptive field and connectivity properties of the early visual cortex in human albinism 2019-05-05 Not yet
No evidence for accelerated brain aging in patients with chronic non-cancer pain 2019-05-05
Unexpected activity of oral fosfomycin against resistant strains of Escherichia coli in murine pyelonephritis. 2019-05-05
Patterns of putative gene loss suggest rampant developmental system drift in nematodes 2019-05-05
A Nature-based solution in practice: ecological and economic modelling shows pollinators outperform agrochemicals in oilseed crop production 2019-05-05
CROSSalive: a web server for predicting the in vivo structure of RNA molecules 2019-05-05
Modeling cell infection via virus-producing cells rather than free infectious virus significantly improves fits of an in vitro viral kinetic data 2019-05-05
Updated Database and Evolutionary Dynamics of U12-Type Introns 2019-05-05
Individual variation of the dark-background-contingent upshift of gaze: effect of past habituation 2019-05-05
The persimmon genome reveals clues to the evolution of a lineage-specific sex determination system in plants 2019-05-05
Accessible and reproducible mass spectrometry imaging data analysis in Galaxy 2019-05-05 Not yet
Epigenetic Effects of Exposure to Insecticide on Early Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells 2019-05-05
The Dynamics of Attention Shifts Among Concurrent Speech in a Naturalistic Multi-Speaker Virtual Environment 2019-05-05
Successive passaging of a plant-associated microbiome reveals robust habitat and host genotype-dependent selection 2019-05-05
Metabolic mechanisms of nitrogen substrate utilisation in three rhizosphere bacterial strains investigated using quantitative proteomics 2019-05-05
Population structure of Apodemus flavicollis and comparison to Apodemus sylvaticus in northern Poland based on whole-genome genotyping with RAD-seq 2019-05-05
A new role for Notch in control of polarity and asymmetric cell division of developing T cells 2019-05-05
C. elegans RHY-1 and CYSL-1 act independently of HIF-1 to promote survival in hydrogen sulfide. 2019-05-05
Expanded Scope of Practice Fellowships for Radiologists: a Survey of Interest Amongst Current Canadian Radiology Residents 2019-05-05
Dopamine deficiency is associated with risk aversion but not loss aversion in Parkinson's disease 2019-05-05
Density-Weighted Concentric Ring Trajectory using simultaneous multi-band acceleration: 3D Metabolite-cycled Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging at 3 T 2019-05-05 Not yet
Chromatin interaction analysis with updated ChIA-PET Tool (V3) 2019-05-05
A genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation identifies a novel association signal for Lp(a) concentrations in the LPA promoter 2019-05-05
Molecular signatures of selection associated with host-plant differences in Pieris butterflies 2019-05-05
Persistent fibrosis and decreased cardiac function following cardiac injury in the Ctenopharyngodon idella (grass carp) 2019-05-05
2D or 3D? How in vitro cell motility is conserved across dimensions, and predicts in vivo invasion 2019-05-05
Multi-Scale Network Regression for Brain-Phenotype Associations 2019-05-05
Efficient small-world and scale-free functional brain networks at rest using k-nearest neighbors thresholding 2019-05-05
Microstructural white matter changes and links with subcortical structures in chronic schizophrenia: A free-water imaging approach. 2019-05-05
Corticomuscular control of walking in older people and people with Parkinson's disease 2019-05-05 Not yet
Bdellovibrio and Like Organisms are Predictors of Microbiome Diversity in distinct Host Groups 2019-05-05
Carbon monoxide dehydrogenases enhance bacterial survival by respiring atmospheric CO 2019-05-05
Convergent evolution of linked mating-type loci in basidiomycetes: an ancient fusion event that has stood the test of time 2019-05-05
Dual Value System and its assessment scheme for understanding and valuing ecosystem services 2019-05-05
Efficient and accurate prediction of transmembrane topology from amino acid sequence only 2019-05-05
Bridging the TB data gap: in silico extraction of rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis diagnostic test results from whole genome sequence data 2019-05-05
Targeting study of HepG2 hepatoma cells in vitro by drug-loaded pectin-based nanoparticles 2019-05-05
Characterisation of gastrointestinal helminths and their impact in commercial small-scale chicken flocks in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam 2019-05-05
Combinatorial perturbation analysis reveals divergent regulations of mesenchymal genes during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition 2019-05-05 Not yet
Multicellular behavior enables cooperation in microbial cell aggregates 2019-05-05
A High-Quality Genome Assembly from a Single, Field collected Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) using the PacBio Sequel II System 2019-05-05
Screening human embryos for polygenic traits has limited utility 2019-05-05
The magnitude of neonatal mortality and its predictors in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 2019-05-05
Differential effects of Doxorubicin and Actinomycin D on the stability of RNA binding proteins, RBM10 and RBM5: Actinomycin D promotes the nuclear speckles targeting of RBM10 and RBM5 through the novel structural elements. 2019-05-05
Stochastic modeling of aging cells reveals how damage accumulation, repair, and cell-division asymmetry affect clonal senescence and population fitness 2019-05-05
Encoding information in synthetic metabolomes 2019-05-05
The Solanum tuberosum GBSSI gene: a target for assessing gene and base editing in tetraploid potato 2019-05-05
Breast Tumor Cellularity Assessment using Deep Neural Networks 2019-05-05
Induced illusory body ownership in Borderline Personality Disorder 2019-05-05
Corticostriatal stimulation compensates for medial frontal inactivation during interval timing 2019-05-05 Not yet
Multimodal frequency representations are embedded in modality-defined cortical sensory systems 2019-05-05 Not yet
Circadian regulation of light-evoked attraction/avoidance in day- vs. night-biting mosquitoes 2019-05-05
Neuromuscular and biomechanical functions subserving finger dexterity in musicians 2019-05-05
Spatial genome re-organization between fetal and adult hematopoietic stem cells 2019-05-05 Not yet
Myeloid Tribbles 1 induces early atherosclerosis via enhanced foam cell expansion 2019-05-05 Not yet
A Drosophila metainflammation-blood tumor model links aspirin-triggered eicosanoid-like mediators to immune signaling 2019-05-05
Impaired tumor death receptor signaling drives resistance to CAR T cell therapy 2019-05-05
Reciprocal requirement of Wnt signaling and SKN-1 underlies cryptic intraspecies variation in an ancient embryonic gene regulatory network 2019-05-05
Phenome-wide Mendelian randomization mapping the influence of the plasma proteome on complex diseases 2019-05-05
A toxin-antidote CRISPR gene drive system for regional population modification 2019-05-05
Modularity and evolution of flower shape: the role of efficiency, development, and spandrels in Erica 2019-05-05
Bioinformatic Methods and Bridging of Assay Results for Reliable Tumor Mutational Burden Assessment in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2019-05-05
Preparation and in vitro release of fluorouracil polylactide glycolide-polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether nanoparticles 2019-05-05
Calcineurin broadly regulates the initiation of skeletal muscle-specific gene expression by binding target promoters and facilitating the interaction of the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling enzyme 2019-05-05
Long metabarcoding of the eukaryotic rDNA operon to phylogenetically and taxonomically resolve environmental diversity 2019-05-05
Validation and delineation of a locus conferring Fusarium crown rot resistance on 1HL in barley by analysing transcriptomes from multiple pairs of near isogenic lines 2019-05-05
Homoploid hybridization signals due to ancestral subdivision: a case study on the D lineage in wheat 2019-05-05
Robust Microfabrication of Highly Parallelized Three-Dimensional Microfluidics on Silicon 2019-05-05
Psychotic symptoms in 16p11.2 copy number variant carriers 2019-05-05
A cellular and spatial map of the choroid plexus across brain ventricles and ages 2019-05-05 Not yet
Sex classification by resting state brain connectivity 2019-05-05
Integration of eQTL and Parkinson's disease GWAS data implicates 11 disease genes 2019-05-05 Not yet
Spaniel: analysis and interactive sharing of Spatial Transcriptomics data 2019-05-05
Queen honey bees combat heat stress-induced loss of stored sperm viability with ATP-independent heat shock proteins 2019-05-05
Two cases of type-a Haemophilus influenzae meningitis within the same week in the same hospital are phylogenetically unrelated but recently exchanged capsule genes 2019-05-05
Extremely fast and accurate open modification spectral library searching of high-resolution mass spectra using feature hashing and graphics processing units 2019-05-05
Transformation and Integration of Microenvironment Microarray Data Improves Discovery of Latent Effects 2019-05-05
The cognitive cost of reducing relapse to cocaine-seeking with mGlu5 allosteric modulators. 2019-05-05
The reliability of the isotropic fractionator method for counting total cells and neurons 2019-05-05
Machine learning-based detection of insertions and deletions in the human genome 2019-05-05
K. pneumoniae ST258 genomic variability and bacteriophage susceptibility 2019-05-05
Performance analysis of novel toxin-antidote CRISPR gene drive systems 2019-05-05
Correlation of IL-17 level in gingival crevicular fluid of orthodontically induced inflammatory root resorption 2019-05-05
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) production triggers unconventional secretion of antioxidant enzymes 2019-05-05
Investigating Fibroblast-Induced Collagen Gel Contraction Using a Dynamic Microscale Platform 2019-05-05
Subcellular analyses of planarian meiosis implicates a novel, double-membraned vesiculation process in nuclear envelope breakdown 2019-05-05 Not yet
Mitochondrial mass governs the extent of T cell senescence 2019-05-04
Rotavirus Calcium Dysregulation Manifests as Dynamic Calcium Signaling in the Cytoplasm and Endoplasmic Reticulum 2019-05-04
Shavenbaby protein isoforms orchestrate the self-renewal versus differentiation of Drosophila intestinal stem cells 2019-05-04 Not yet
RUNX1/RUNX1T1 controls alternative splicing in the t(8;21)-positive acute myeloid leukemia cells 2019-05-04
Monte Carlo Simulation of Diffusion MRI in geometries constructed from two-photon microscopy of cortical gray matter 2019-05-04
Identification of the pathway of Rhodoquinone biosynthesis in C. elegans 2019-05-04
Role of aggregate size, multistability and communication in determining cell fate and patterning in M. xanthus 2019-05-04
The use of a centrifuge-free RABiT-II system for high-throughput micronucleus analysis 2019-05-04
Fat SIRAH: Coarse-grained phospholipids to explore membrane-protein dynamics. 2019-05-04
Energy landscapes reveal agonist's control of GPCR activation via microswitches 2019-05-04
Photoactivation of silicon rhodamines via a light-induced protonation 2019-05-04 Not yet
Quantitative evaluation of a high resolution lipidomics platform 2019-05-04
Flow-induced symmetry breaking in growing bacterial biofilms 2019-05-04
Dietary methionine restriction targets one carbon metabolism in humans and produces broad therapeutic responses in cancer 2019-05-04
Legacy Data Confounds Genomics Studies 2019-05-03
Associations between EEG functional brain connectivity and a cognitive reserve proxy in healthy older adults 2019-05-03 Not yet
SavvyCNV: genome-wide CNV calling from off-target reads 2019-05-03
Identifying Brain Region Connectivity using Steiner Minimal Tree Approximation and a Genetic Algorithm 2019-05-03
Sonogenetic modulation of cellular activities using an engineered auditory-sensing protein 2019-05-03
rpoB, a promising marker for analyzing the diversity of bacterial communities by amplicon sequencing 2019-05-03
Natural and Pathogenic Protein Sequence Variation Affecting Prion-Like Domains Within and Across Human Proteomes 2019-05-03
The Australian Genetics of Depression Study: Study Description and Sample Characteristics 2019-05-03
Partial migration in a subtropical wading bird in the Southeastern U.S. 2019-05-03
RNA polymerase mutations cause cephalosporin resistance in clinical Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates 2019-05-03
Using Deep Learning to Annotate the Protein Universe 2019-05-03
Mammalian gene expression variability is explained by underlying cell state 2019-05-03
A Novel Chromatin-Opening Element for Stable Long-term Transgene Expression 2019-05-03
From single nuclei to whole genome assembly 2019-05-03
Is useful research data usually shared? An investigation of genome-wide association study summary statistics 2019-05-03
DNA energy constraints shape biological evolutionary trajectories 2019-05-03
A conserved ATG2-GABARAP interaction is critical for phagophore closure 2019-05-03 Not yet
Click-PD: A Quantitative Method for Base-Modified Aptamer Discovery 2019-05-03
Timing of arrival in the breeding area is repeatable and affects reproductive success in a non-migratory population of blue tits 2019-05-03
Effects of siRNA silencing on the susceptibility of the fish cell line CHSE-214 to Yersinia ruckeri 2019-05-03
Pseudomonas syringae Increases Water Availability in Leaf Microenvironments via Production of Hygroscopic Syringafactin 2019-05-03
Genetic Risk Factors for Colorectal Cancer in Multiethnic Indonesians 2019-05-03
Towards best practice in cancer mutation detection with whole-genome and whole-exome sequencing 2019-05-03
Non-production vegetation has a positive effect on ecological processes in agroecosystems 2019-05-03
Niche engineering drives early passage through an immune bottleneck in progression to colorectal cancer 2019-05-03
All of gene expression (AOE): integrated index for public gene expression databases 2019-05-03
Multi-Scale, Patient-Specific Computational Flow Dynamics Models Predict Formation of Neointimal Hyperplasia in Saphenous Vein Grafts 2019-05-03 Not yet
Competing Fluid Forces Control Endothelial Sprouting in a 3-D Microfluidic Vessel Bifurcation Model 2019-05-03 Not yet
Juvenile hormone interacts with multiple factors to modulate aggression and dominance in a social bumblebee 2019-05-03
LFPy - multimodal modeling of extracellular neuronal recordings in Python 2019-05-03
Optimizing systemic insecticide use to improve malaria control 2019-05-03
Levels of Representation in a Deep Learning Model of Categorization 2019-05-03
Relapse prevention through health technology program reduces hospitalization in schizophrenia 2019-05-03
Corticothalamic gating of population auditory thalamocortical transmission in mouse 2019-05-03
Myeloperoxidase loss protects against delayed cerebral injury after subarachnoid hemorrhage 2019-05-03
Patterned cell death sculpts functional and adaptive neural networks in flies 2019-05-03
Spatial patterning of tissue volume deformation in schizophrenia reflects brain network architecture 2019-05-03
General Practitioners' adherence to prescribing guidelines for statins in the United Kingdoms 2019-05-03
Structural integrity following focused ultrasound thalamotomy and its correlation with tremor relief 2019-05-03 Not yet
Characterization of bulk phosphatidylcholine compositions in human plasma using side-chain resolving lipidomics 2019-05-03 Not yet
Multiple non-auditory cortical regions innervate the auditory midbrain 2019-05-03
Human immune cells infiltrate the lesioned spinal cord and impair recovery after spinal cord injury in humanized mice 2019-05-03 Not yet
In vivo microstructural heterogeneity of white matter lesions in Alzheimer's disease using tissue compositional analysis of diffusion MRI data 2019-05-03 Not yet
The rich get richer: synaptic remodeling between climbing fibers and Purkinje cells in the developing cerebellum begins with positive feedback addition of synapses. 2019-05-03
Defined cell types in superior colliculus make distinct contributions to prey capture behavior in the mouse 2019-05-03
Individual vulnerability to stress is associated with increased demand for intravenous heroin self-administration in rats 2019-05-03
Parsing out the variability of transmission at central synapses using optical quantal analysis 2019-05-03 Not yet
Reassessing the Evidence for Universal School-age Bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG) Vaccination in England and Wales 2019-05-03
CENP-F controls force generation and the dynein-dependent stripping of CENP-E at kinetochores 2019-05-03 Not yet
Checkpoint signaling and error correction require regulation of the MPS1 T-loop by PP2A-B56 2019-05-03
3D super-resolution microscopy performance and quantitative analysis assessment using DNA-PAINT and DNA origami test samples 2019-05-03 Not yet
Slow Microtubule Binding Kinetics of Membrane-bound Kinesin Predicts High Motor Copy Numbers on Intracellular Cargo 2019-05-03
Defining Hospital Catchment Areas Using Multiscale Community Detection: A Case Study for Planned Orthopaedic Care in England 2019-05-03
The effect of number of healthcare visits on study sample selection and prevalence estimates in electronic health record data 2019-05-03
C. elegans Runx/CBFβ suppresses POP-1(TCF) to convert asymmetric to proliferative division of stem cell-like seam cells 2019-05-03
Throughput and Resolution with a Next Generation Direct Electron Detector 2019-05-03
Two separation-of-function isoforms of human TPP1 and a novel intragenic noncoding RNA dictate telomerase regulation in somatic and germ cells. 2019-05-03
A heme-binding protein produced by Haemophilus haemolyticus inhibits non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae 2019-05-03 Not yet
Genome-wide association study of plasma lipids 2019-05-03
FOP plays a negative role in ciliogenesis and promotes cell cycle re-entry by facilitating primary cilia disassembly 2019-05-03
Self-Organization of Spindle-Like Microtubule Structures 2019-05-03 Not yet
A hydrophobic network: Intersubunit and intercapsomer interactions stabilizing the bacteriophage P22 capsid 2019-05-03
Microbial community shifts associated with the ongoing stony coral tissue loss disease outbreak on the Florida Reef Tract 2019-05-03
Genomic and physiological analyses reveal that extremely thermophilic Caldicellulosiruptor changbaiensis deploys unique cellulose attachment mechanisms 2019-05-03
Single-cell RNAseq uncovers involution mimicry as an aberrant development pathway during breast cancer metastasis 2019-05-03
Triphenyl phosphate is a selective PPARγ modulator that does not induce brite adipogenesis in vitro and in vivo 2019-05-03
The CXCL12/CXCR4 signalling axis retains neutrophils at inflammatory sites in zebrafish 2019-05-03
NSUN2 introduces 5-methylcytosines in mammalian mitochondrial tRNAs 2019-05-03
Mitochondrial glycerol phosphate oxidation is modulated by adenylates through allosteric regulation of cytochrome c oxidase activity in mosquito flight muscle. 2019-05-03
Repurposing the aldose reductase inhibitor and diabetic neuropathy drug epalrestat for the congenital disorder of glycosylation PMM2-CDG 2019-05-03
High Frequency of Enteroparasitoses in the Municipality of Oiapoque, Amapa State, Brazil, on the Border With French Guiana 2019-05-03
Dissemination and Stakeholder Engagement Practices Among Dissemination & Implementation Scientists: Results from an Online Survey 2019-05-03
Comparative analysis of the Accelerated Aged seed transcriptome profiles of maize CSSLs (I178 and X178) 2019-05-03
Surprise response as a probe for compressed memory states 2019-05-03 Not yet
Extensive genetic diversity of bat-borne polyomaviruses reveals inter-family host-switching events 2019-05-03
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression and neuroinflammation is increased in the frontopolar cortex of individuals with autism spectrum disorder 2019-05-03
Human Trypanosoma cruzi infection risk is driven by eco-social interactions in rural communities of the Argentine Chaco 2019-05-03
Soil and vegetation conditions changes following the different sand dune restoration measures on the Zoige Plateau 2019-05-03 Not yet
Verify Hub Genes of expression profile in aortic dissection 2019-05-03
Smartphone screening for neonatal jaundice via ambient-subtracted sclera chromaticity: neoSCB app pilot study 2019-05-03 Not yet
Microbiota of the alien species Paraleucilla magna (Porifera, Calcarea) from the Southwestern Atlantic, and a comparison with that of other calcareous sponges 2019-05-02
The Increasing Importance of Training Awards in the Careers of Early-Stage Biomedical Academic Researchers 2019-05-02
Palmitoylation is critically required for cancer intrinsic PD-1 expression and functions 2019-05-02
Video-based motion-resilient reconstruction of 3D position for fNIRS/EEG head mounted probes 2019-05-02
CaV3.1 channel pore pseudo-symmetry revealed by selectivity filter mutations in their domains I/II 2019-05-02
Overexpression of osmosensitive Ca2+-activated channel TMEM63B promotes migration in HEK293T cells 2019-05-02
DNA hypomethylation during MSC chondrogenesis occurs predominantly at enhancer regions 2019-05-02
Intersection of motor volumes predicts the outcome of predator-prey interactions 2019-05-02
MobiLab - A Mobile Laboratory for On-Site Listening Experiments in Virtual Acoustic Environments 2019-05-02
Humans exploit robust locomotion by improving the stability of control signals 2019-05-02
An astrocytic basis of caloric restriction action on the brain plasticity 2019-05-02
A Unifying Mechanistic Model of the Auditory Cortex with Inhibitory Subtypes 2019-05-02
Brain Responsivity to Emotional Faces Differs in Alcoholic Men and Women 2019-05-02 Not yet
Functional genomics of the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans, reveals mechanisms underlying reproduction, host interactions, and novel targets for pest control 2019-05-02
Mixed-model admixture mapping identifies smoking-dependent loci of lung function in African Americans 2019-05-02
Gene transcription as a limiting factor in protein production and cell growth 2019-05-02 Not yet
Charge and hydrophobicity are key features in sequence trained machine learning models for predicting the biophysical properties of clinical-stage antibodies. 2019-05-02
cohorts: A Python package for clinical 'omics data management 2019-05-02
Cross-modal suppression of auditory association cortex by visual speech as a mechanism for audiovisual speech perception 2019-05-02
The SONATA Data Format for Efficient Description of Large-Scale Network Models 2019-05-02
Experimental evidence of invasion facilitation in the zebra mussel-killer shrimp system 2019-05-02
TPMS technology to infer biomarkers of macular degeneration prognosis in in silico simulated prototype-patients under the study of heart failure treatment with sacubitril and valsartan 2019-05-02
Xenotransplanted human cortical neurons reveal species-specific development and functional integration into mouse visual circuits. 2019-05-02 Not yet
A metabolic pathway for glucosinolate activation by the human gut symbiont Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron 2019-05-02
Application of extracellular flux analysis for determining mitochondrial function in mammalian oocytes and early embryos 2019-05-02
Taxonomic resolution of the ribosomal RNA operon in bacteria: Implications for its use with long read sequencing 2019-05-02
Unicellular Cyanobacteria Exhibit Light-Driven, Oxygen-Tolerant, Constitutive Nitrogenase Activity Under Continuous Illumination 2019-05-02
Genomic basis of European ash tree resistance to ash dieback fungus 2019-05-02
Dynamic trafficking and turnover of Jam-C is essential for endothelial cell migration 2019-05-02
Mitochondrial Morphology Regulates Organellar Ca2+ Uptake and Changes Cellular Ca2+ Homeostasis 2019-05-02
ExpressWeb: A Web application for clustering and visualization of expression data. 2019-05-02
The metabolic response of Pseudomonas taiwanensis to NADH dehydrogenase deficiency 2019-05-02
Distinguishing "self" from "other" in a dynamic synchronization task with an adaptive virtual partner. 2019-05-02
Captive green iguana is a reservoir of diarrheogenic Escherichia coli pathotypes 2019-05-02
Multiplexed dissection of a model human transcription factor binding site architecture 2019-05-02
Knocking out non-muscle myosin II in retinal ganglion cells promotes long-distance optic nerve regeneration 2019-05-02 Not yet
SAMbinder: A web server for predicting SAM binding residues of a protein from its amino acid sequence 2019-05-02
Prediction of migratory routes of the invasive fall armyworm in eastern China using a trajectory analytical approach 2019-05-02
Spurious inference when comparing networks 2019-05-02
Phenanthrene contamination and ploidy level influence the rhizosphere microbiome of Spartina 2019-05-02
Efficient and robust NK-Cell transduction with Baboon Envelope pseudotyped lentivector: a major tool for immunotherapy 2019-05-02
The memory of hyperosmotic stress response in yeast is modulated by gene-positioning 2019-05-02
Single-molecule observation of ligand binding and conformational changes in FeuA 2019-05-02
Electronic Health Records Based Prediction of Future Incidence of Alzheimers Disease Using Machine Learning 2019-05-02
Investigation of cellular stress response related heat shock protein hsp70/Hsp70 and multixenobiotic transporter abcb1 in Siberian freshwater amphipods upon cadmium exposure 2019-05-02
Tmem119-EGFP and Tmem119-CreERT2 transgenic mice for labeling and manipulating microglia 2019-05-02
Mammalian NSUN2 introduces 5-methylcytidines into mitochondrial tRNAs 2019-05-02
Potent, specific MEPicides for treatment of zoonotic staphylococci 2019-05-02
Gene silencing in Cryptosporidium: A rapid approach to identify novel targets for drugdevelopment 2019-05-02
Mating strategy is determinant of Adenovirus prevalence in European bats 2019-05-02
Pontoscolex corethrurus: a Homeless Invasive Tropical Earthworm? 2019-05-02
Generation of transgenic quails by in vivo transfection of primordial germ cells 2019-05-02 Not yet
CAIX forms a transport metabolon with monocarboxylate transporters in human breast cancer cells 2019-05-02
Establishing reference samples for detection of somatic mutations and germline variants with NGS technologies 2019-05-02
Latent periodic process inference from single-cell RNA-seq data 2019-05-02
Differential gene expression is associated with degeneration of mating-type chromosomes in the absence of sexual antagonism 2019-05-02
Novel application method for mesenchymal stem cell therapy utilizing its attractant-responsive accumulation property 2019-05-02
Using distant supervision to augment manually annotated data for relation extraction 2019-05-02
Identification of candidate flowering and sex genes in white Guinea yam (D. rotundata Poir.) by SuperSAGE transcriptome profiling 2019-05-02
Prevalence and distribution of antimicrobial resistance determinants of Escherichia coli isolates obtained from meat in South Africa 2019-05-02
Analysis of distance-based protein structure prediction by deep learning in CASP13 2019-05-02
Yeast surface display of full-length human microtubule-associated protein tau 2019-05-02
Insights about variation in meiosis from 31,228 human sperm genomes 2019-05-02
Intraspecific diversity of fission yeast mitochondrial genome 2019-05-02
Myosin II Tension Sensors Visualize Force Generation within the Actin Cytoskeleton in Living Cells 2019-05-02 Not yet
Intercellular Conduction Optimizes Arterial Network Function and Conserves Blood Flow Homeostasis during Cerebrovascular Challenges 2019-05-02
Uncovering the subtype-specific temporal order of cancer pathway dysregulation 2019-05-02
Biomarkers for aging identified in cross-sectional studies tend to be non-causative 2019-05-02
Glomerulosclerosis and kidney failure in a mouse model of monoclonal immunoglobulin light-chain deposition disease 2019-05-02
Functional integration of "undead" neurons in the olfactory system 2019-05-02
Evidence for shared conceptual representations for sign and speech 2019-05-02
The diversity of the immunogenic components of the melanoma immunopeptidome. 2019-05-02
Trajectory-based differential expression analysis for single-cell sequencing data 2019-05-02
Copper Blocks V-ATPase Activity and SNARE Complex Formation to Inhibit Yeast Vacuole Fusion 2019-05-02
APOL1 is not expressed in proximal tubules and is not filtered 2019-05-02
Binaural Beats through the auditory pathway: from brainstem to connectivity patterns 2019-05-02
Dopaminergic learning and arousal circuits mediate opposing effects on alcohol consumption in Drosophila 2019-05-02
Early life stress alters transcriptomic patterning across reward circuitry in male and female mice 2019-05-02
Deleting a UBE3A substrate rescues impaired hippocampal physiology and learning in Angelman syndrome mice 2019-05-02
Flexible and accurate decoding of neural populations through stochastic comodulation 2019-05-02
Evidence for purifying selection on conserved noncoding elements in the genome of Drosophila melanogaster 2019-05-02
Multilevel selection in groups of groups 2019-05-02
The transcriptional correlates of divergent electric organ discharges in Paramormyrops electric fish 2019-05-02
Rapid evolution and biogeographic spread in a colorectal cancer 2019-05-02
ML277 specifically enhances pore opening of KCNQ1 with VSD at the activated state by modulating VSD-pore coupling 2019-05-02
A comprehensive plasma metabolomics dataset for a cohort of mouse knockouts within the international mouse phenotyping consortium 2019-05-02
Proteomics Standards Initiative Extended FASTA Format (PEFF) 2019-05-02
Gene editing preserves visual function in a mouse model of retinal degeneration 2019-05-02
A Spatiomolecular Map of the Striatum. 2019-05-02
Structural abnormalities in thalamo-prefrontal tracks revealed by high angular resolution diffusion imaging predict working memory scores in concussed children 2019-05-02 Not yet
In vivo functional diversity of midbrain dopamine neurons within identified axonal projections 2019-05-02 Not yet
Single-cell chromatin accessibility analysis of mammary gland development reveals cell state transcriptional regulators and cellular lineage relationships 2019-05-02
Regulated spindle orientation buffers tissue growth in the epidermis 2019-05-02 Not yet
Prostate-Specific Antigen Dynamics Predict Individual Responses to Intermittent Androgen Deprivation 2019-05-02
The effect of pupil size and peripheral brightness on detection and discrimination performance 2019-05-02
MHC genotyping from rhesus macaque exome sequences 2019-05-02
Pupillary dilation responses as a midlife indicator of risk for Alzheimer's Disease: Association with Alzheimer's disease polygenic risk 2019-05-02
When do individuals maximize their inclusive fitness? 2019-05-02
Fisheries-induced evolution of the circadian system and collective personality traits 2019-05-02
Simulations of particle tracking in the oligociliated mouse node and implications for left-right symmetry breaking mechanics 2019-05-02
Red blood cell-derived extracellular vesicles mediate intercellular communication in ischemic heart failure 2019-05-02 Not yet
Ankyrin-G-190 palmitoylation mediates dendrite and spine morphogenesis and is altered in response to lithium 2019-05-02
An Electrophysiological Marker of Arousal Level in Humans 2019-05-02 Not yet
Mapping interactions of microbial metabolites and human receptors 2019-05-02
Significant control of Zika infection in macaques depends on the elapsing time after dengue exposure 2019-05-02
Novel engraftment and T cell differentiation of human hematopoietic cells in Art-/- IL2RG-/ SCID pigs 2019-05-02
Genetic image-processing using regularized selection indices 2019-05-02
Inference of coevolutionary dynamics and parameters from host and parasite polymorphism data of repeated experiments 2019-05-02
Deceptive combined effects of short allele dominance and stuttering: an example with Ixodes scapularis, the main vector of Lyme disease in the U.S.A. 2019-05-02
All-FIT: Allele-Frequency-based Imputation of Tumor Purity from High-Depth Sequencing Data 2019-05-02 Not yet
A VEGF reaction-diffusion mechanism that selects variable densities of endothelial tip cells 2019-05-02
Novel Pure αVβ3 Integrin Antagonists That Do Not Induce Receptor Extension, Prime the Receptor, or Enhance Angiogenesis at Low Concentrations 2019-05-02
Cortical Foxp2 supports behavioral flexibility and developmental dopamine D1 receptor expression 2019-05-02